Lesson # 115: Chess Visualization Training

At this point in the course, many of you have acquired a good tactical foundation. Your brain is able to effortlessly identify different patterns and point you in the right direction. However, it is time to work harder on our ability to visualize. Once we come up with candidate moves, we need to be able to calculate several moves into each of the variations and we need to do it quickly and efficiently. If we master this skill, our Chess will certainly get to the next level. Enjoy!

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00:00 Chess visualization training
00:40 Visualization training with the 2 by 2
02:54 Visualization training with endgames

My Book Recommendations:

First tactics book:
Mixed tactics book:
Advanced tactics book:
Advanced tactics book (II):
Carlsen’s book (excellent):
Kramnik’s book (excellent):
Pirc Defense book:
100 endgames you must know:
Endgames book:

Learn how to play Chess the right way from beginner to master level. National Master Robert Ramirez will take you up the pyramid by following a proven Chess training program he has been improving and implementing for over 10 years.

Benefits of Playing Chess:
​- Promotes brain growth
– Increases problem-solving skills
– It exercises both sides of the brain
– Raises your IQ
– Sparks your creativity
– Teaches planning and foresight
– Teaches patience and concentration
– Optimizes memory improvement
– Improves recovery from stroke or disability
– Helps treat ADHD
Chess is an intellectual battle where players are exposed to numerous mental processes such as analysis, attention to detail, synthesis, concentration, planning and foresight. Psychological factors are also present on and off the board; playing Chess stimulates our imagination and creativity. Every single move a player makes is the result of a deep analysis based on the elements presented on the battlefield.

Chess in its essence teaches us psychological, sociological and even moral values. In a Chess game, both players start with the same amount of material and time. The fact that the white pieces move first is considered to be practically irrelevant —especially because a player typically plays one game as white and one game as black. Consequently, the final result of the battle solely depends on each player. It doesn’t matter if you win by taking advantage of your opponent’s mistakes or by simply avoiding mistakes yourself. Truth is that Chess is an extremely individual sport and our defeats can only be blamed on ourselves and no one else. And this, in the end, only benefits us because we learn to be and feel responsible for our actions and never come up with excuses to justify ourselves.

We also learn that when it comes to our victories on the board, our opponent’s mistakes play a more significant role than our own skills. Let’s not forget that a Chess game without any mistakes would be a draw. This way, Chess provides us with another valuable life lesson: be humble at all times.

About National Master Robert Ramirez:

With an outstanding background as a professional Chess player and over 8 years of teaching experience, Robert Ramirez brings both his passion and his expertise to the board, helping you believe & achieve!

Robert Ramirez was introduced to the fascinating world of Chess when he was 5 years old and has participated in prestigious tournaments such as the World Open Chess Tournament and the Pan American Intercollegiate Team Championships. Thanks to his performance, he has earned his National Master title from the United States Chess Federation.

Currently, NM Ramirez and his carefully selected team teach at several private schools in the counties of Miami-Dade and Broward and they also offer private lessons. He says the key to their success as Chess coaches is their ability to adapt to every student and to make lessons fun and interesting for students and even their family members.


  1. Hi. I have a question. At 13:58. What if white make move bishop c5 or f2. Is it not problem? I think it is. Thanks.

  2. I guess I am the first one watching this video

  3. i will study it today i am now reviewing karpovian style heh, but this comment and to thank you i sent you a message before the tournament saying that if you can do a lesson on calculating the viewing 10c15 etc move d ' ahead of time it matters to imagine strong teactics etc in our calculates you the chessboard how it will be after, at each lesson I do not feel alone, I have a coach to count who does not ask for anything just he believes in my program and in me and for that thank you my great friends because I think that even the loved ones do not help others like that to fulfill their dreams you are a brother for me thank you so much, say hello to your wife and family and thank them, because they have with them someone with a good, humble, generous heart and it's rare thank you again and again

  4. wooowww i will review it everyday thhhaaaaannnkkkkk you master

  5. you knowme iiilove the end game but ut if you have time one day can you do lesson of visuation etc we are able to visualize 10 15 etc but on the middle galme or opening trap etc etc etc

  6. Thank you for the lesson. I will try to implement and practice it.

  7. Excellent video. Visualization is one of the weakest areas in my game, so this will be a step in trying to fill that gap.

  8. A very nice way to start my day😁

  9. super nice video – as a 1250 who is currently stalled, trying to study more, should i start from lesson 1 or just pick lessons i feel like i need knowledge in? i’m not sure where to even begin my study, people are saying not to bother memorizing openings under 1600

  10. Teacher when you said even if we don't get it and are on the wrong path our minds are still practicing visualization, wow that helped me a lot. Thanks

  11. I did a 2×2 game. Took quite a while and I was surprised at how I naturally understood the game better because your visualisation is easier if you understand what is going on. Hard work but something tells me that the harder you have to work the better it will be for you!

  12. solved all of them except the mate in 6 and the last one (stalemate is just a weakness in my pattern recognition )
    and Btw In the last one , Why Kf6 h3 Bh7 h2 Be4 not a solution ??

    still stuck in the low 1400s:{ , This visualization felt amazing though …my level is at most 6-10 moves in a forcing line /3-4 moves in a tactical middlegame
    and I have forgotten all pirc plans and theory :x,

    Congrats on 40 K subs !!

  13. Great lesson as usual! What's the puzzle book for endgames you would recommend for beginners or intermediate players? Thanks!

  14. I'm actually only rated around 1000 and my problem isn't visualisation of moves
    My problem is actually the fact that I visualise the wrong attacking ideas

    Do you have any suggestions regarding attacks?

    Brilliant video, btw,like always 😅

  15. This is an awesome lesson. Great exercises

  16. I appreciate your efforts Robert. Thank you!

  17. Hello sir. ..thank you for this vdo 😊….sir, could you please teach Scandinavian defense. ..

  18. hi …your videos are the most useful videos without anybody else even close…thank you soooooooo much.

  19. 13:10 and if they play Bf2 instead of h5 or axb4 then c3 bxc3 bxa3 right? Useful lesson😊

  20. Loads of love from india 🇮🇳 ❤️❤️
    Thank you

  21. Hello sir. ….good morning. ..sir please tell me how to analysis gm's games? What is methods of analysis and how can I improve my chess this analysis?

  22. Hi, GREAT video!!! Thanks. BTW for the last on – why not to let h4 pawn to promote; collect d5 pawn and dance the white King around it's h4 pawn forever?

  23. Thank you Robert for your unselfish help with chess that everyone who follows you can learn more and enjoy. Salute

  24. Thank you for this…how often per week and how long do you recommend dedicating to this ?

  25. Thank you for your free lessons! I visualized 1…Rxh4 2.gxh4 g3 3.fxg3 b4 4.Bc5 and in this line I was unable to visualize a win for black. Also I missed the last one, gotta work on it some more …

  26. Very instructive and interesting. Thank you.

  27. I have to review this again. 31% of my losses are giveaways or chaotic.

  28. I love endgames. Never understood why ppl find them boring. Openings are boring and hard to memorize. Openings are the opposite of endgames lol. I even learned the BN checkmate very well because it was fun. But i still have trouble with the BB checkmate somehow.

  29. Hello Robert excellent video! Do you have any recommendations for similar problems, studies, the same difficulty or harder

  30. Where do we find these endgame possisions?

  31. Hmmm. Had i done this 2×2, 3×3, etc. stuff 35 years ago it might've helped achieve mastery. Now it's too late. But even without being a chess whiz you can still enjoy it for the deep, subtle, violent, frustrating, challenging, rewarding game that it is. Sorta like life, ya know? Enjoy!

  32. Fantastic content. RobRam is a great chess educator.

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