Learn the Slav Defense | 10-Minute Chess Openings

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  1. My favourite food is, papaya flower with papaya leaf "masak tumis" its Indonesian salad dish, nice tutorial!

  2. memes aside this video helps give me context of my (failed) attempts at Caro-Kann and I had to wing some of the plays I made after learning some basic chess stuffglad to be part of this rabbit hole and grateful for someone like you to show us the ropes


  4. A series on history of openings? Why the names and so on?

  5. Bro should consider deleting this video. He literally said nothing

  6. My girlfriend is Serbian. I want to learn this to please her culture

  7. You are a good teacher but unfortunately you speak too much

  8. Nice intro to the Slave. Honestly I've liked your simplicity. You just gave me more impetus to play the Slav. As for the food. Its called Ügali"all the way from Nairobi, Kenya. Thanks

  9. I really wish you would have spoken in a Slavic accent for the entire video 😂

  10. Yeah! Great content on this channel! Thank you.

  11. Thanks, Levy. This is one of the Black openings I've been working on. So, very relevant.

  12. My favorite food is lomo saltado! (peruvian food) 🇵🇪

  13. this was only 7 minutes, i demand 3 more minutes of slav action

  14. Not my favorite food but I could really have some lahmacun.

  15. thanks for video

    i use “slav” and caro-kann setups for my black defenses

    i very rarely ever get “mainline” positions

    i cant remember white ever playing 4.Nc3 in a slav position (maybe a couple of times) in my very low rated games

    however, though the consensus is that the slav and caro setups are solid i feel like i am playin chess jiujitsu as black

    i really like the advice about just playing games as this seems to be the most practical way to gain experience

  16. Please make a video about QC declined

  17. ЦТТҮА Дашдорж.Бат-Эрдэнэ says:

    Hamburger and cheeseburger

  18. Me : tries to do setups and stuff
    My opponent : * take this take that never castle *
    Me : *gets lost and loses accidentally by doing a botez gambit *
    Man tryna learn to play is hard but also satisfying when you get it right

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