Learn the Slav Defense | 10-Minute Chess Openings

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  1. BBQ brisket! Nice video, greetings from Hungary

  2. I know this video is over 2 years old but my favorite food is pizza. Of course.

  3. I have to say, this opening vid was just bad. Usually they are perfect, you go over every main early choice. But you still had ~3mins or w.e it was that could have been used to talk about one of the "big choices" you didn't go over.

    Don't know how to spell the name. But it's the a6 b5 pawn moves on that "big choice". That was just ignored completely and it wasn't even 10mins lol

  4. For some reason when I visit your site the captions cover up the first rank on the board.

  5. My cousin whom I play, he plays h4 & a4.

  6. my favorite defense:

    1. pirc
    2. slav
    3. french

  7. Slav defence is my favourite opening, right after polish defence. The reason why you can only guess.

  8. Tᕼᕮ GᖇᕮᗩT SᗩGᕮ Oᐯᕮᖇ ᕼᕮᗩᐯᕮᑎ says:

    When you hear Marshal Zhukov's and Stalin's orders.

  9. This system has been better lately for me against d4 rather than trying to play the King's Indian or Dragon which lead to more chaotic situations.

  10. 6:06 Levy claims that he wouldn't try to play C6 in every single game… But that would be great content: "Levy plays C6 against EVERYTHING." I can't stop thinking about that video…

  11. As a 300-600 player I almost exclusively see queens gambit/wayward queen. So, I'm going to try to slav/London to climb with familiar positions. Ty so much for this vid!

  12. Levy, have you considered a Slav course to complement your study of the Caro-Kann?

  13. The best part of these 10 min videos is that I can decide if I want to learn the opening or not

  14. Good day Levy, Filipino fan here, my question about this slav defense is that, is it possible to take the white bishop out first like through a pin or just normal dev't and pursue a semi-slav? thanks

  15. i just realized i always had unknowingly played the slav defense

  16. Favorite food is noodles (pretty much all of them in most forms), favorite cuisine to eat is Asian (Chinese/Japanese), favorite to cook is Italian 😎

  17. Makes it sound so simple. Gonna give this opening a try. Dutch defence isn’t working for me. Will take the advice and play games and see how it goes

  18. Hi.. I from India and my favourite food is Channa bathura. You must give it a try some time.

  19. Favorite Food: Pakistani Cuisine

    1 – Chicken White Karahi
    2 – Charsi Lamb BBQ
    3 – Chicken Biryani
    4 – Mutton Makhan Karahi
    5 – Goat Sajji

  20. if this truly was the slav the pieces would be in adidas tracksuits

  21. Anyone else learning every single chess opening by going through this whole series?

  22. I like offensive playing byt black is always defensive… This opening will allow me to be a little aggresive

  23. I really prefer this levy to the bombastic one for learning.

  24. chicken biryani is my favourite food did you tate it?

  25. yeah i choose opening based on how cool the name is

  26. กนิษฐ์พงศ์ วัฒนสมบัติ says:

    Fried pork

  27. when i was a kid i asked about the slav defense gave my notebook and got back a page full with all the variations , that's when i knew this chess stuff wont be easy

  28. Anand vs Lavronian 2013 is the most perfect game of semi-slav in existence!

  29. I learn this opening because i like the names, I mean the schlekter slav and the Cambridge spring?

  30. lmao I'm only watching this video to play a Caro-Kann style opening every round

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