Learn the French Defense | 10-Minute Chess Openings

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Learn the French Defense in ~10 minutes. Like the video, write a comment 🙂

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  1. What about e4 e6 c4 on the second move?I cant play d5 now

  2. I have so much trouble with all the variations… are there games that are recommended to study this opening? I find myself so overwhelmed by all the possible moves

  3. I've tried the French defence.
    How do you stop white from Checking with the white square bishop on his third move?
    (I use one of those annoying chess algorithms that never varies it's moves. Good for practice, but bad, if you're trying something specific)

  4. after watching this vid, i was motivated to play chess. ended up getting checkmated twice before winning by a guy basically moving his pieces like his magnus carlsen praying he did the right move and resigning

  5. Oof, only if u had made the video 21 seconds longer, I would have become an expert

  6. the french defence is also sometimes referred to as "resigning"

  7. U talk fast . Be specific instead of rapid talk u get nothing usefull of

  8. "Might confuse your opponents"
    Bro It will confuse Me

  9. Thank you Levy, for helping me think in chess better. Seeing forks and pins has increased my capture rate. I’m subbing on twitch soon

  10. Anyone else losing braincell trying to keep up after knight-f5 mannuevure 😁

  11. Classic Levi – still good after all these years yo

  12. really missing out with them missing 22 seconds

  13. Flamenco guitar.
    French is my go to defense. Love it! Mostly I play the main line. So strong on the dark diagonals.

  14. Favorite genre of music? Any random thing to try and get more audience engagement

  15. Is there any opening like French for d4? Like d4 e6 c4 d5?

  16. I have discovered lessons on YouTube for soprano opera singing but I also like jazz as my mum left me with a jazz band to mind me when I was a baby. Music and chess go together .

  17. So.. i just went to play the French.. i unlocked an achievement for playing the alapin sicilian. Interesting

  18. I played the French defense, but my German opponent went around it.

  19. I hate when gothamchess was nice and didnt scream into the mic for 25 minutes straight

  20. Wow I have been playing the frech not knowing what it was called haha

  21. Is it all about developing some best positions in game and can continue further on you own ??

  22. Did not even know what it was called. Just played it because it made sense to me

  23. Gospel followed by John Williams. Best musician since King David.

  24. white should learn the nzi attack belgium gambit

  25. Ludovico Einaudi. "Primavera" is a good song by the world-renowned pianist. "Life" is also another good tune.

  26. Everyone gangsta until the Opponent is german😃😃😃

  27. its all fun in games until you play with a german

  28. Excellent french defence video levy thanks alot


  30. This really leads to sharp games for French Defense, Nice

  31. Nah the french defence is surrendering after e5

  32. But there are many traps for french defench

  33. Nicky Devito is an excellent chess player

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