Learn Positional Chess FAST With Garry Kasparov

This video will help you learn positional chess fast through the use of key squares. To fight for key squares you have to understand positional chess concepts and so this video will go through them. To play better chess fast you also need to understand chess strategy and important chess principles. This chess video will help you win at chess by giving you master level chess ideas and chess lessons, that will help you learn chess, and how to play chess properly, whether you want to know how to play chess for beginners or how to play chess for kids, this chess coaching will give you all the chess tips you need. So don’t just play for chess tricks when you play chess online, and don’t just study chess openings, learn how to win chess the right way – just like chess world champion, Magnus Carlsen and the one and only, number one chess streamer, Hikaru Nakamura!

Thanks for watching and hope to see you on a future video!

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  1. I'm learning chess, and I can see that I'm a poor boy and I'm a long, long way from home

  2. Danya analyzed this same game a year before and his video is much better in terms of explanation of the positional concepts.

  3. How do I improve at positional chess, are there puzzles I can practice?

  4. How do we determine if a square is key?

  5. 2:35 why didnt black take the Knight on d5 with bischop?

    Wouldnt it be good to trade a well placed Knight for a badly placed bischop?

  6. Is there a second part for the endgame my elo is only 1100 and i dont really see a win from this position (i mean i see it i just dont know how keep it πŸ˜‚)

  7. It’s so very instructive to hear the reasoning behind Kasparov’s moves. I did not see the rook sacrifice until it was put in the context of positional chess, protecting the knight on D5

  8. This game and your analysis was very instructive and enjoyable. Thank you and keep it coming!!

  9. HIGHLY illustrative. Thank you for the video. πŸ™‚ (Any more like it to come??πŸ˜‰)

    I look at a game such as this and find myself reminded of just how much of a spectacular player Kasparov really was.

  10. very crisp and precise…….its really helpful….more from you hopefully..Thanks

  11. Why not knight c7 check. opening the white bishop a lane to f7, then moving the queen to f7 for mate? What am I missing.

  12. Uh. Am I the only one that wanted to see how the actual game ended ??

  13. Thank you, this gets you into the mindset of passing up a nice move for a better move.

  14. Your analysis is amazing! I am too impatient for most chess videos, but your analysis is captivating. Wonderful job and thank you.

  15. clickbait. "With Garry Kasparov" ?? are you kidding me? ridiculous.

  16. Interesting how much better the computer found.

  17. Great Channel! πŸ‘πŸΎπŸ’―

  18. The main problem isn't "chucking peices on a square", the problem is to identify important squares.
    d5 is a knows square to fight for control in a multitude of variations of The Sicilian. I'll know it when I see it, but spotting the less obvious or those I don't have previous knowleage of… That is the tricky part.

  19. As a 1100 ELO player..I think I took nothing from this video.

  20. This video is popping off getting recommend left and right!
    Good for you big man!

  21. Big thanks for keeping the game on full screen ❀ other creators want their faces in and hog up 85% of the screen. Great anylisis and a new sub😊😊 Thanks a big bunch!!

  22. At 6:02, why didn't White move Kb6 to d7, thereby forking Black's Queen and Rook?

  23. Wasn't there a mate in 2 at 9:23 by checking the king with the knight and taking queen into the action…

  24. You need these skills at the 2000 level to go up the ladder.

  25. crisp, precise exactly what i was lookin for………. thank you u gained a new sub <3

  26. As an Australian, whose nation unleashed upon the world the terror of the Australian Question Intonation, I must implore you: please don't go up at the end of sentences like that. It makes everything sound like a question and undermines your authority. You're saying very intelligent things, but the question intonation makes you sound like a chavvy Essex girl on a hen night.

  27. Suscribed for proper pronunciation of Kasparov. πŸ‘πŸΌ

  28. What do you say if a friendly ghost persistently shows up on top of your head?

    Casper! Off!

  29. This is definitely high level. I would never have thought of exchanging a ROOK for a weaker piece. AND I would never have thought of letting pieces hang in favour of setting up other moves. You really need to be able to think well ahead to be confident enough to allow pieces to hang.

  30. A simpler way to think about that rook exchange, he can take the bishop and then immediately immobilize the knight, kinda like getting 2 pieces for one.

  31. Followed and subed. You Definitely earned it. Good video. Gary K is one of my favorites.

  32. A fascinating game with perfect comments, making it easy to understand. Thank you!

  33. After Black's move Ra2 at 6:08, Kasparov had Nbd7, winning the Rook on f8, he castled instead.

  34. Nice analysis of the game. I think that it would have been better for Black if he tried to contest the d5 knight early on after White’s c3 by playing Be6 or Ne7, eliminating the active knight before the other knight on a3 can support it. The game would have gone differently but I believe Black would be much better than in the actual game.

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