Learn Magnus’ Scholar’s Mate Counter in Chess

The Scholar’s Mate has to be the most annoying checkmate for beginner chess players to lose to. Even after analysing your games, learning from your mistakes, it can still be difficult to play against this opener.

This video will teach you how Magnus Carlsen counters this tricky opening.

Link to the game for your own analysis is here

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0:00 Intro
0:16 Magnus Game
3:22 Nelson Game
4:22 Conclussion

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  1. If you ever feel like an idiot, just remember that someone once tried to hit Magnus with a scholar’s mate.

  2. 1:18 tbh i wouldve played Nh6 to defend the f7 pawn, i didnt see any problem doing that lol

  3. Great video and demonstration!!

    I'll be keeping an eye out for this one next time 👀

  4. Was jus watching and as I left video was shocked to see was a channel w only 33 subs, quality vid

  5. Bro really tried playing Scholar's Mate against Magnus ☠☠

  6. Respect to the guy with the balls to go for scholar's mate against magnus

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