Kasparov talks Chess Strategy – The Fundamentals | Kasparovchess Masterclass

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In this sample episode from his new masterclass series, Garry discusses the importance of chess strategy. “What to do when there is nothing to do…”


  1. The quote is from Savielly TartakowerTactics is knowing what to do when there is something to do. Strategy is knowing what to do when there is nothing to do. The move is there, but you must see it. The blunders are all there on the board, waiting to be made.

  2. This game was sort of a "bienvenue" at the top level for Etienne Bacrot for his first Elite tournament in his carrier. You will rarely see Bacrot getting schooled positionnaly like in this game. That was pretty impressive.

  3. "Big pawn" succinct and funny gotta love chess humor

  4. How can a strong GM play a move like Bb7? I am not being critical. I am just curious about his thought process.

  5. Im 43 yrs old and the beast of Baku is still ans will always be my hero (with Alekhine and Fischer).
    Спасибо большое мастер К.

  6. Memorizing 20+ opening moves is not chess lol

  7. Masterclass is an often overused word, but not in this case!
    Great stuff from Gazza!♟

  8. I just heard one of the smartest man in the world give me a lecture on chess. This is awesome

  9. I just wonder …………………………….

  10. For the love of god, content aside, the production value of this video is made much worse by the fact that it does not respect YT's recommandations regarding loudness (-14LUFs). We don't want to change our volume everytime we play a different video.

  11. When the Black castled long (at 3:43 min), it was a nail in Black's own coffin. Long castling did not help protect, but weakened its king enormously through the B rank. It then forced Black into another bad move, to use its only bishop as an "idle doorstop" (4:04 min) on the weak king's side. Two consecutive bad moves paralysed Black's development, and opened an enormous strategic advantage to the White, who could then choose from half a dozen different ways to demolish Black.

  12. Like to share your understanding of the game? Want to mold a curious and open-minded novice by sharing your philosophy or approach to the game with me? I cannot find the sort of insight I'm looking for that I think would help me put all my scattered 'knowledge' of the game together to help me form my own style. If you think someone might appreciate the way you see the game, hit me up! Not opposed to financial compensation 😅

  13. I was the best in bellmarsh prison in 1998…

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