Jeremy Silman Analyzes His Chess Game with Imbalances EXCELLENT training!

One of Silman’s analysis of his own game using the imbalances, the very BEST of this kind of Chess training for us to learn with.


  1. i want to play a game with you sir…. im pretty sure i can learn more from you as an opponent =) and thanks for the videos

  2. Like the video and appreciate your time. Didn't go through all the comments to see if anybody else made this observation (apologize if so) but…note that you missed black's move #40 at t=28:02ish (I think it's #40 per my trying to create a pgn while watching). Based on your comment about the knight on d1 being trapped (sounded like you read that from his book) and being as in your diagram it's not trapped (restricted to e3 and f2) I'm guessing move 40…Bd4 might have been played.  fyi

  3. I have been reading Silman for a while, but your video really helped me understand the imbalance system. I used it to win my first 10min match on Thank you very much.

  4. gxf4 what a terrible move better to just ignore it I wouldn't expect anyone to play that

  5. Which of Silmans books should I start with, as a rookie?

  6. Black pawn to D4 at 9:00 blew my mind, I would have castled.

  7. you're not talking too much dont say that…instructions and teaching on chess positional game and strategy are never enough or such thing as too much keep talking and keep sharing we are all levels benefiting from it not everyone us on the audience is pushing 2870 ELO or pretending to be..thanks for your your amazing work

  8. Kerry,your teachings(especially on imbalances)have already made me twice as good.thank you.just disreguard the naysayers.keep those videos coming.if youre helping us,who cares what they say?

  9. This isn't fucking Jeremy Silman, waste of my time clicking.

  10. Why didn't Silman put his black bishop to d4 in the endgame, when the knight was on d1? That would have completely cut off all of the escape routes for that knight.

  11. Wow man great video thank you for sharing. Glad I found you, you are a very good teacher.

  12. That chessboard is the most confusing thing I've seen. There is hardly any space in the squares

  13. Love the professor his teaching style is the best and easiest to take in. Describes so well and not in monotone so exciting to listen to and absorb. Thanks champ.

  14. Good work, thanks for the effort. I wish I could find something similar in German for my children. But the narrative element of lectures is more practiced in the US and in England. So they'll have to wait until they understand some English.
    At 27:30 White's Knight is trapped because of Silman surely moved his Bishop to d4 (from c5) after White recaptured the Rook on d1 with his Knight – the standard trapping pattern with Knights and Bishops.
    Enjoyed the lecture, thanks again for the good work.

  15. The video is from 5,6 years ago, but the comments were like from 2weeks ago?

  16. This vid was amazing! Just ordered Silman's book (4th edition) Can't wait to get it now!

  17. this game is win by only minor piece imbalance…….thanks a lot for uploading this video

  18. incredible channel and incredible videos. i hope you continue to make more. i really appreciate the quality of the analysis, it is better than other channels that talk less and entertain more. you entertain, while talking effectively and allow the material to be absorbed.

  19. I have Silmans The Amateur’s Mind. The imbalance idea is heavily proffered therein. I understood it before but as depicted here, the ideas have now become better coalesced. Thank you for this video. My opponents on the other hand will despise ur pedagogical generosity. 😉

  20. This really is a great video, I wish here were more with regards to Silman's Imbalances. I am currently reading How to Reassess your Chess

  21. At Time Stamp 20:00, I would try Nxb6 with all sorts of fireworks. Black would be faced with a Bishop Exchange, spoiling an Imbalance, and a Back Rank Mate. Am I missing something???

  22. I think you missed Bd4, since that traps white's knight and you then miss black's turn. Thank you.

  23. I think near the end of the game black's bishop must be on d4 not c5 in order to corral the knight, otherwise the knight could escape to c3.

  24. This was a great review. Cheers for making the video.

  25. This is a hidden gem. Silman is my favorite chess author. His Complete Endgame Course and The Amateurs Mind are the two I’m working with now.

  26. I saw these like 5 years ago, remembered them, and searched them up again. Thanks for the helpful videos, sir!

  27. 🌹🌹🌹 ❤❤❤ 🌷🌷🌷 😊😊😊

  28. Why the title of this video is in spanish if the video is full n english?

  29. Why so few likes for this video? this is an absolute masterclass!

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