“Is this what being a good player feels like?”

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  1. As an over 100 elo chess player, I am legally obliged to watching your videos. Thanks Levy

  2. When your crush is talking about you and you hear her
    The thumbnail :

  3. NMRIH is a great Source mod - blessed by Cory's lip says:

    "We are fcking manifesting" gotta love how chess can make Lev swear

  4. u don’t get to 1400 rapid without making some enemies

  5. "You'll get there. Not today, or ever, but you'll get there." 🤣🤣🤣

  6. You'll get there, just not today, not ever, but you'll get there

  7. "Everyone Sucks And I am Gonna Beat Everybody"
    Most MAGNUS Mindset…

  8. Levy is honestly always super humble, saying like, “I’m not as good as the pros,” etc. But I feel like the moment he starts to believe in himself fully and be like, You know what, I’m freaking great at chess,” it’s game over in a good way😂👍

  9. The thumbnail is what i imagine what youtubers (including you) look like in bed

  10. Waiting for the day when Levy actually changes his mindset to what he said

  11. 0:53 Literally everyone when they get to promote to a queen for free:

  12. It definitely is a mindset thing, you said it yourself in this very video. You end up in your own head and end up throwing games.

    It happens to almost everyone sometimes, there's no shame in it.

  13. Love the clips where you're roasting backseat gamers. They love spotting forks, especially ones that don't work

  14. i wish gms talked to and about levy the way he talks about players below him. toxic as fuck honestly… talking about how he is so good and his viewers will never be as good as him. Well, bud, hate to break it to ya, but you will never be a gm. This shit is your life and you still can't reach a level that some teenagers have already attained. If i dedicated my entire life to chess like you, i would have you gagging on my dick, playboy, after a month of practicing.

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