Ian77 vs Mohamed Light (The Final Match)

Practicing Against Mohamed Light for the Final Clash Royale League Monthly Finals | Ian77 – Clash Royale

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Hello, I am Ian77. I am a top player in Clash Royale (a supercell game) aiming to bring you the best clash royale gameplay and the best decks in clash royale. I am also a pro player in clash royale league aka CRL. I play mainly Hog EQ cycle deck on top ladder but here on this channel you will find a wide variety of best decks in Clash Royale like best Hog deck, Miner deck, Logbait deck, Xbow deck, Royal Hogs deck, Pekka deck, Mega Knight deck etc and pro gameplay including Clash Royale Pro tips and tricks which will help you improve in Clash Royale. I also upload funny clash royale montage from time to time.

Subscribe to my channel for daily Clash Royale content featuring the best decks in Clash Royale, top ladder gameplay, Clash Royale tips and tricks, best F2P Clash royale deck and a lot more fun content. Let’s Clash in the Arena !!

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  1. Next video is going to be: I am word champion- vlog from crl words finals

  2. 12:26 Wait a second you beat mohamed in first match then he beat you and so on why this screan shows that you beat him twice in row

  3. Damn even Mo light’s gameplay lookin boo boo in this meta😂 game going downhill for sure

  4. Does anyone know the name of Mohamed’s mini?? Because it’s criminal for it to be named anything other than “Mohamed lite”

  5. Ian restoring my hopes of Royal Giant being good in this meta with that last deck. (I used the free evolution on RG)

  6. Mohamed of the light variety, Ry of the ley variety

  7. I really hope you win champ my dude. Either you or morten

  8. If Ian77 doesn’t win CRL I will eat the worlds spiciest chip frfr

  9. ian i wish that not only you qualify but you win the CRL you are the best in the world. love you from india

  10. At 12:25 why does it say you won 2-0 when the games you played in the video was 2-1?

  11. Bro Ian are the giveaways fake? You haven't replied and it's been a while


  13. On the last battle if you didn’t get the RG hit,, you would have tied

  14. Wow that last game was like 1 second off from a draw insanely matched

  15. Mohammed makes great pro move play

    Ian "hmmmm idk about that one"

    He's getting so good he's even calling Mohammeds moves bad lol

  16. Ian my man I love you bro u got my able to push to 6800 trophies when I was at 6000 and only two weeks

  17. It would be draw if that last rg didn't hit the tower

  18. Remember us Ian when you will become a world champion someday (maybe this year or next year).

  19. Funny how everyone is trying to beat him as this accomplishment and feeling number 1 if they do, while he sits back and play like it’s a regular ladder match. If he does his little best, he blows everyone away

  20. We are witnessing Ian77 getting missed up by King Light. It was some light work

  21. africarabo | أفريقيا بالعربي says:

    محمد لايت صار ما يعرف يلعب

  22. Big fan of ian also support ian creater code…but game show m light win 2-0🤔

  23. ggs you lost 2-0 to mo light that golem push…

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