I work on chess 20 hours a day!

Interview with GM Parham Maghsoodloo after he won the Eka by IIFLIM Mumbai International 2017-18. He won the tournament with a score of 8.0/9.


  1. he has given such transparent interview..maybe bcz he is a teenager. so honest

  2. bhai ke suggestion dta hoon yaar vladimir chuchelov ke saath work kar le bulgaria aur owrld ka sabse best coach hai anish giri ko vahi taiyaar kiay hai yaar

  3. 20h a day is not possible…does he even know there are only 24 hours in a day?

  4. Jhoot bol raha hai saala,vhutiya bana raha hai

  5. Getting 8 pts out of 9 in such a great tournament itself suggests his hardwork. Great guy ### Nice video sagar

  6. 1. He looks older than 17.
    2. It is impossible to concentrate to ply/study chess for 20 hours a day .

  7. i got inspired by watching this interview. you learn passion, hardwork and vision. he works hard and puts no limit on his future goals.

  8. Oh my god
    He is great and i'm sure he become world champion within 3 years
    Compare to other iranians who are living in iran,his english was great
    He is clever and i hope he improve his english
    The important thing we got it clearly what he was saying
    All the best dear parham
    We love you so much and we are proud to have you💓

  9. For such a fantastic chess player, his English is awful.

  10. Maybe he should reduce 2 hours of chess and spend them in the gym.

  11. his accent and english so nice …..and cute

  12. Parham Maghsoodloo's blitz rating is 53 points higher than Hou Yifan and is 6 years younger than her. He's also younger than Wei Yi and has a higher rating than him. Why isn't he invited to international events?

  13. gives 9 minutes interview, can only sleep 3 hours and 51 minutes that day …

  14. ماشاالله داداش، باعث افتخاری

  15. No he underestimates sleep. being short of sleep is not good fo his chess. Being sleep deprived is the same as obesity(World health organization). It has very unhealthy influence long term.

  16. thats pretty counter productive actually. no surprise Alireza got so far ahead of him after seeing this interview

  17. hope he eats brushes showers or maybe he plays chess while doing these

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