I tried to master chess in 30 Days

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  1. master guitar in 30 days?? no way.

  2. 3:47 “try my hand at the Italian”

    Yeah, you can try but that doesn’t mean you understand what that means

  3. The last game was actually going great until you lined up your queen and rook in a white diagonal while his white bishop was still in play and backed up.

  4. A 1400 rated player is a solid chess player.

  5. I learned how to play chess with openings in one month but it took me 3 months to play with some sense 😂

  6. I’ve improved from 0 to 1600 elo after playing chess for a year. I think what helped me the most was solving tactics and numerous puzzles every day

  7. not trying to show any hate, but mate look at the position of your pieces in the chess board you are demonstrating 2:11 you should learn to place your pieces before "mastering" the game.

  8. @5:23 Notice that ALL (but three) of the slots in the wine bottle rack are empty. Did you try the French Open? Open the bottle and drink strategy! IMHO

  9. I don't even know what "Developing My Pieces" means… IMHO

  10. You could probably beat an 800 though.

  11. Dude u played wasn't good either so ur most likely a 700 elo not to bad 4 30 days

  12. The en passant position changing between 4:46 and the pawn push is quite distracting, since in the original position it instantly loses the game, but in the position after the zoom seems possibly playable.

  13. Pls continue this video it's comforting to watch

  14. The reason chess cannot be mastered in such a short time is there is a knowledge component. Yes. But there's mostly a skill component. Since there are so many possible positions, the calculation and visualization skill comes into the fore, having to solve the unique problem there and then.

    This is why kids with bad study skills can be master strength at 11. And adults with the best study skills but limited time of 1 to 3 hours a day don't get better as much as they would like to. Adults place TOO much emphasis on the knowledge component as the educated ones tend to have degrees where they learnt facts in University and regurgitate the facts on exam day. Subconsciously, they will approach chess the same way. Kids will approach chess as a game and pick things up as they try things. To paraphrase Alex Compton. An example conversation between a 11 year old master and an adult improver may sound like this adult: I tried to push my pass pawn and control the open file like i was told to". Young master: "yes that's great but I saw if you play d6 then i have Nf5 and then you're lost"

    Chess is a skill. Modern masters can beat grandmasters from the 30s and 1800s because they know what's most important and what to do in a specific position. But give those old masters a while to learn up the theory and they can be just as dangerous. To paraphrase GM Andrew Soltis.

    Not once did this enthusiastic guy in the video mention, "i need to work on my calculation and visualization (analysis) speed and depth and accuracy"

    That's why 11 year old masters can beat 40 year old experts who have seen more positions and learnt more theory/ openings/ endgames. To paraphrase NM Dan Heisman.

    Chess is skill first, knowledge second. Because knowledge can only apply in specific positions but calculation is important in all positions. For instance in queen and pawn endings, a formal education in endgame theory will teach that the most important single thing in that endgame is creating a passed pawn and controlling the promotion square/ diagonal/ file. Give such a position to a modern grandmaster and pit them against Morphy, and my money's on the grandmaster. But tell Morphy modern theory on queen and pawn endings then my money would be on Paul Morphy all day.

    That being said the poster clearly improved. But walking into open Sicilian and playing Ruy Lopez with a rating under 2000 is suboptimal according to my coach. Try Scotch game against king pawn openings, and Grand Prix anti Sicilian as an under 2000 because you reach an attacking position very early and the sharp positions can give you winning chances against class players. There's too much theory in open Sicilian and Ruy Lopez to reach a middlegame position that's familiar. If you reach a middle game position that's familiar and you have 3 plans to choose from, your chances of winning skyrocket. If you reach a middlegame position you have not seen then it will come down to tactical and endgame ability. I beat better players some times with scotch and Grand prix because i reach a position where my knowledge can be applied against their skill. I won't be able to do that with Ruy Lopez or open Sicilian as the middlegame positions are amazingly numerous, which means i won't reach a familiar middlegame which means i won't know the plan which means i can't pit knowledge against skill.

  15. You're playing good actually but you sacrifice a lot

  16. Goal guys :Tries to master chess in 30 days
    Me :Still a beginner after 2 months of training 😑

  17. It is actually not true anymore what you said about e4 and d4 nowadays the engine thinks e4 is better

  18. Really cool video! I just started and need to learn the theory.

  19. Here is the pgn of 6:58:
    [Event "?"]

    [Site "Annex Chess Club"]

    [Date "2019.??.??"]

    [Round "?"]

    [White "Brendan"]

    [Black "Salim"]

    [Result "0-1"]

    [BlackElo "1500"]

    1. e4 c5 2. Nf3 e6 3. d4 cxd4 4. Nxd4 a6 5. Bd3 Qc7 6. O-O Nf6 7. Be3 b5 8. Nd2

    Be7 9. Ne2 d6 10. b4 O-O 11. Ng3 Nbd7 12. Qf3 Bb7 13. a4 Ne5 14. Qe2 Nxd3 15.

    Qxd3 bxa4 16. Rxa4 d5 17. b5 axb5 18. Rxa8 Rxa8 19. Qxb5 Ba6 20. Bb6 Bxb5 21.

    Bxc7 Bxf1 22. Kxf1 dxe4 23. Nb3 Nd5 24. Be5 f5 25. Nh5 g6 26. Nf6+ Nxf6 27. Bxf6

    Bxf6 28. c4 Rc8 29. c5 Be7 30. f3 exf3 31. gxf3 Bxc5 32. Nxc5 Rxc5 33. Kg2 e5

    34. Kg3 Rc3 35. Kh4 e4 36. fxe4 fxe4 37. Kg5 e3 38. Kh6 e2 39. h4 e1=Q 40. h5

    Qe3# 0-1

  20. As someone who practice chess everyday for almost 2 months now I'm just speechless about this

  21. 1:38 it bugs me that the bishop and knight on the kingside switched places😂

  22. I think Bobby did "write" one book. A book of his games. I am sure he wrote the analysis, not sure if someone else edited it.

  23. I have played on and off my whole life. More off than on. But I took lessons for a year, last year. And while I felt it helped, my rating is still very low. My brain simply doesn't "get chess". But I love the game, so I will play in spite of my weak play. As a positive, I can beat my much higher rated friend from time to time, in "daily chess", where I am not rushed. I have also had one person at a chess club tell me I am underrated. But all that means, is that I have flashes of inspiration, in conjunction with not blundering 🙂

  24. Fischer actually wrote a book except not that one. He also published an article, A Bust to the King’s Gambit

  25. It's not trading when you give a queen for a rook. It's a blunder.

  26. I am not smart enough to play club, but I enjoy playing casually against the computer. With a bit of reading, I can slowly beat better computers over the years. I think of it more as exercise for the brain.

  27. The difference between someone with no knowledge and someone who has a base level of strategic understanding is big. It's fun to teach people and watch how quickly they become hard to beat!

  28. Can someone please recommend some books? )

  29. Trying to master chess in 30 years would be a more logical goal than 30 days.

  30. I know im a slowpoke, but you made the principial mistake: learning Sicilian at the noob level. It's one of the most complex openings, with variations that take months, if not years to study fully well

  31. En Passant was made shortly after allowing pawns to move two squares, so that it would counter the unfairness of missing out on a capture

  32. No offense… But i guess you would have given a much serious fight if you focused on tactics and avoiding blunders rather than memorizing theory.. Chess theory is for intermediate players… New players should follow basic principals and focus on tactics…

    BTW I am trash soo don't judge me if I said something totally wrong…
    (And sorry for bad english)

  33. Imagine he started out with the grunfeld defense😭

  34. what chess set is this the first one please someone give me info

  35. Does age stop you from playing chess and being the best?

  36. This was me in the beginning of my chess journey 😂 man was I wrong .those were the good days

  37. Unless you are extremely gifted, it takes more than 30 days to be good at chess. Heck, the grandmasters have been playing for many years!

  38. So in an attempt to re-explain information I learned a day earlier, I wound up giving the worst example for calculating a pawn exchanges at 2:01. Moral of the story don't take advice from someone with 1 day of experience.

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