I Tried Blindfold Chess vs @GothamChess


  1. Yeah that’s actually one of the easier chess moves on his part . The aponent does have to be stupid to not realize what’s going on though . Therefore I say this was a setup match and she faked playing .

  2. Whats the point of the blindfold if she mentions her moves lmao

  3. that transition was like a magic trick because him taking off his glasses was symbolic of taking off the blindfold. Most interesting part of the video

  4. Levy looking more majestic than michael storen

  5. The blindfold doesn't change anything though, he's just too good.

  6. Levy is one of those people who doesn’t seem too good but when it comes down to it he will wipe the floor with most players

  7. My mind going LIE DONT TELL HIM THE REAL MOVES 😂😂😂

  8. why becuase you only play checkers i play chess

  9. DANG even a toddler can count as high as the moves they took

  10. Plot twist: He put a mirror behind he so he can see her moves

  11. Staged video to "brag" about how hood he is, this is why I hate the chess community

  12. When she pushed the pawn on the edge forward and i saw he had the center i knew it would be quick.

  13. How is that checkmate???
    King can just take the queen…

  14. And he sacccked her whole chess careerrrr.

  15. I didn’t know daredevil played chess👨🏻‍🦯

  16. could I just move an inordinate amount of pieces and beat him by making too many moves to track. like not necessarily smart moves, just every piece on the board is moving and he has to be able to recall all of them

  17. I am very disappointed that the blindfolded person wasn't reaching out & moving his pieces.

    I feel ripped off.

  18. Respectfully could make her my queen anytime

  19. I can play blind fold but can't play fast like him

  20. What is the point of the blindfold. Every position is being called out so its no difference😂

  21. wow a chess player wins vs someone who never played chess

  22. How tf can he memorize the whole map. and without even looking

  23. Thats not checkmate there is no piece gaurding the queen.

  24. I'm sorry but women only use like 2% of their braincells in life because they get by on looks.

  25. Im lost on how the blindfold matters. If shes calling out her moves and moving his pieces for him, then your eyes are doing nothing.

  26. Classic attack on the weakest pawn on the entire board

  27. This is like me vs my friend 😭😭

  28. My man basically 4 moved checkmated her blindfolded, the disrespect

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