I Hired a Chess Master to Secretly Destroy GothamChess

@GothamChess has been beating us at everything. This time we finally take revenge on him. Drop a like and let us know in the comments which chess youtuber or streamer we should come after next!
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0:00 My issue w/ GothamChess
0:26 Games 1 – 3
4:36 Games 4 – 6
7:43 Games 7 – 9
10:11 Games 10 – 12
13:48 Final Game


  1. Bro ofc u win he had 45 sec and u two had 3 min but he was close

  2. I.M… Levy i hope you are the good adviser for Andrea.Botez in "Chess-Strategy" but don't forget the Strategy from HIKARU… because he missed the opportunity to say "Do Svi-Danya" 👉Naroditsky!

  3. I was rooting Levi, u can do it next time

  4. im 500 elo and im watching this, and im like how the fuck they can see everything on board and react so fast xd

  5. No sé por qué éstas youtubers presumen sus "victorias" contra jugadores fuertes si siempre juegan con ventaja de tiempo y 2 (ellas, Alexandra y Andrea) contra 1.

    Gotham Chess y todos los demás que se enfrentan y pierden contra ellas tienen la culpa por ser cómplices de esta farsa por lo que no pueden quejarse ni molestarse si son derrotados o exhibidos.

    No hay ninguna razón para que un jugador tenga ventaja inicial en una partida de Ajedrez, si eres débil o muy débil entonces NO te enfrentes a jugadores fuertes, simple y sencillo 😤😠

  6. "when you hit 3m hit us back levy" He's 3.6m as of 4/21/23 🙂 rematch time? @gothamchess @botezlive

  7. Two minds is an unfair game. 😢

  8. "You have to cheat against the best"
    _cheater who cheats

  9. Ytf do the botez sisters have time odds

  10. Maybe next time just listen to the person you hired lol

  11. hahahah sis actually had to hire someone to do it for her

  12. Just watched first ten seconds epic there soster

  13. So Alex is better den Andrea? So we’ve reached a conclusion

  14. Go Botez sisters you are so awesome! I wish my kids are intelligent as you two.

  15. This is the shit you do when you have money but nk skill

  16. Levy did well for playing 2 people and time odds being 3 to 1 or something like that

  17. Levy will post a new video titled, "Hiring Magnus Carlsen to secretly destroy everyone".

  18. Pov: Cheating is ok but only when I do it

  19. Didn't Gotham beat them blindfolded before??

  20. 0:12 If you called Hikaru it would be funny, i think Levy would notice the style.

  21. Andrea: Mom can we have a wired video!?
    Mom: We have wired at home! 😂 hilarious

  22. 4:15 is funny ash. Their over reactions to his calm response to every move 😂

  23. alex is the ultimate backseat gamer, but andrea doesn't know the squares…

    nvm now it's literally just the older-sibling-takes-the-controller bit lol

  24. Gotham Only Needs To Say I Beat The Botez Cheatrs🤣

  25. The way it looks ( them panicking and shouting while levy is completely focused ) is how i feel when i vs anyone in chess xd

  26. Jeez, how long does it take to move at these speeds and be able to think…

  27. Levy botez gambited against the botez sisters xD

  28. Idk i think Gotham destroyed you guys. 2 v 1, 3 mins vs 1 min and 7,5 – 5,5. And actually your sis played him so. Gotham is still better in everything 🙂

  29. "chess master" brings in woman haha lol try to play against real masters damn levy is just IM

  30. But where is the Chess Master Andrea hired??????

  31. Bro winning on time in an time odd game, 🔥

  32. That's just bullet, i remember he defeated you two blindfolded 😂

  33. Can you all 3 maybe team up against hikaru ? That would be a fun video

  34. Dude what's 3mins vs 40secs 💀 That's already cheating 😂

  35. Never noticed levy only had a minute while they had 3 this whole time until i read the comments😂

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