I Embarrassed A Stockfish Cheater

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  1. Sometimes I feel sorry for how rough some of the cheaters debut in chess is. Then I remember they are cheaters.

  2. maybe he spent those 3 days to read how to win at chess and became a god

  3. you know that a person is a cheater when they dont "en passant" u

  4. Sac'd the Queen for mate XD as a 900 player I can confirm he didn't see that.

  5. "I'm going to expose your intellectual capability!"
    I believe he meant intellectual incapability there.

  6. It is permissible for a player to use a dummy chess board to visualize?

  7. I don't cheat I just get better when I see tutorials about opening, gambit

    Also I beat a gm

  8. I can get using dev commands in a solo game…"i guess" but to bring it online vs everyone else…like where the fuq are the white hat hackers. providing me with hacks that turn their guns into chickens that shit eggs at them and kill the cheater…like…thats what i want…

  9. You make fun of those people but only make the idea of cheating and not getting caught more alluring.

  10. Wait? Are you joking, that was how a 700 plays? I’m 500 and that’s what I expect from a 100 who just learnt the moves, yet I lose so many games at my level playing high accuracy, using opening theory(okay maybe just 3-4 moves but c’mon I am not tridenting) and planning ahead of just simple threats and forks. I feel like some of the opponents I play might be cheating because once in a while I get a goofy opponent I take down in like 10 moves while most of the time it feels like my opponent is a drunk grandmaster who hangs one juicer and plays perfect the rest of the game.

  11. "'and my feet touch the steering wheel' no you're just an idiot, you need help"
    People with no arms who learnt how to drive must be crazy, then

  12. This is the entire point right here …. just because you arent good at chess doesnt mean you cheat … the whole Hans Niemann saga should teach chess youtubers not to pick sides ….. like levy did in the saga ….. i criticized him them i will now , dont be a chess snob … though there are cheaters like this one …. doesnt make everyone who plays a good game a cheater …..

  13. Whenever I see Sweden even showed in a video I get happy because I’m a swede

  14. Dude he is not cheating, eric bought his account to smurf 😂😂😂

  15. 20:42 the best way to find a cheater is to check if they en passant. Every normal human does.

  16. You do realize all your teachers are very likely 8-year-old kids?

  17. your cheaters' videos can make an excellent TV series 😝 this is absolutely beautiful… hope the cheater got banned

  18. Actually that first game of the cheater cheating the brilliant i see that as common as a 600 elo player I accidentally blunder my horse but it was a brilliant BTW I don't understand how someone can be that stupid to be honest I'm wondering if chess is all about skill and not knowledge

  19. I started the free stuff on chessly because im broke, but they've already helped me so much, ive been seeing moves and understanding them better and I absolutely smashed Sven and im about to see how I'll do against Nelson

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