I create superhero trick from banned gymnastics move #shorts


  1. But you can do the same without hooks, why u need them?

  2. Imagine his grappling strength 😳

  3. Did you ever figure out how to keep the hooks?

  4. Oof! That hurt ME! πŸ˜„
    (why on earth was the frame that close to the bar?)

  5. i could probably do this with no preparation

  6. I'm amazed to what useless but entertaining as a 10 second short utube video people put the most efforts of their body

  7. When people tell me I'm just trying to perv on girls when i watch female gymnastics I show them something like this. Who wouldn't be fascinated by this πŸ€·πŸΏβ€β™‚οΈ

  8. If he tried to do that trick, I guarantee you some ribs would be broken! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  9. Do the hooks need to be that long? Maybe cutting a few inches off the end of the hooks will make it easier to keep them. And are you gonna add the spin around the second bar?

  10. If you wanted to keep the hook, then the hook will need to be just long enough hold and allow you to rotate but the shortest width which will let you release. Youll have to invent something for sure

  11. Add a pommel to the hooks so your hands don't slip off, like on a sword.

  12. Ain't no way that was baby hand, than what my hand is? Zigot hands?

  13. Try the move they do in Blades of Glory

  14. Smooooooooth! Except for the part where you smashed your shins. πŸ˜‚

  15. Sick next assasin's creed protagonist

  16. Would be cool if you did a roll all the way uo with the hooks, then stepped on the pole, unhook then and jump πŸ’ͺSOOO COOL, and you could keep the hooks

  17. Ah yes, the origin story of my shoulder problems: professional edition. Good job not ripping your humerus out of the joint! Or breaking the shin for that matter lmao

  18. If u can't beat them u ban their moves seen this in many sports

  19. If they can't beat your move,they ban your move🀣

  20. Kip with the hooks on the trough of your swing and you might be able to be quick enough to keep your hooks after the swing?

  21. Well even if you don't keep them with you, you can always make the hero move an emergency rescue like your hero running and using his hooks to get that momentum letting go so he can catch the falling or in danger person?

  22. So you need to colab with one of the Maker YouTube channels and make some quick release hooks, that basically flip open when you push a button, and then have springs to snap them back to the locked position.
    Then when you get to the right position, instead of letting go of them, you push the buttons and release the hinge so they flip off the bar.

  23. If its in a movie, flip around the bar kick a falling person through a window or something. In practice after the flip and swing, if you kick off a wall and do a backflip you would be moving in the correct direction for the hooks to come off the bar. I would think going back under the bar.

  24. You would need some mechanized hooks that could quickly release. I mechanical ones would be complicated but perhaps a different type of hook?

  25. The dangerous part is what's next the backflip…

  26. My man is about to hunt down the Puss in Boots with all that 🐺

  27. Most epic ?? πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ so you never saw chackie chan movies

  28. Guy turned into the blue Bionicle with them hooks

  29. Maybe attach reel-lanyards to each hook. Once you let go, let gravity drop them or flick the lanyard, then reel them back in?

  30. To keep the hooks with you try using a sickle shape hook. (7) that should allow you to manuever the hooks to unattach and keep with you

  31. Ok what's the nuclear launch code.

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