I create superhero trick from banned gymnastics move #shorts


  1. What if you twist the hooks right before u fly off will they release off the bar

  2. u gotta shorten the hooks themselves to keep them

  3. Ironically, babies have some of the best grip strength to size ratios, stems back from when we were monkey and would hold onto our moms.

  4. Damn that made me laugh and hurt at the same time

  5. Olga follow up to that flip IS THE BADDEST SUPERHERO MOVE EVER 😳😳😳😳😳 Sorry, yours was good to but man…..

  6. You should be a stunt man for a prince of persia movie

  7. So he jumps- flips-! And lands, and the bad guy's like '🤨'

    Cut to an overhead shot – the hooks, hanging on the bar above them

    Hero looks at the bad guy, readies his fists as bad guy starts towards him..

    And then he reaches behind to pull out an extra set of hooks-! Bad guy's all '😯', and it goes back to chase as he turns to run

    Stuff writes itself. 'Haha funny superhero moment™'. Hire me Marvel.

  8. More rotation before dismount will keep them with you.

  9. Swear to god i cant understand why people put chalk it does NOT help me at all

  10. My eyes watered seeing that shin smash, amazing finish though, well worth it 😎

  11. Isn’t that move banned for damaging ur hips with the wraparound at the end and not for the first part? xD

  12. To keep the hooks you would need to have extra extension. Basically while swinging around the bar youll need to keep your arms bent, then extend them at the end to unhook the bar. In theory at least. No idea how hard that would actually be though

  13. Woooooo bro causally dead hangs on these bars with 40kg

  14. Most uniornically funny video ever

  15. You’re telling me Davie504 didn’t dub this

  16. Why would you've something like that so close?

  17. I’m not a gymnast, so take what I say with a grain of salt, but a potential way to keep them would be to not lock out your arms so you have the ability to extend the hooks off the bar at the end

  18. Why do you have a frame there in the first place?

  19. That dongk was the most painful sound I’ve ever heard 💀

  20. I love this stunt, I keep going back and watching the original video, the kind of move you wish you can do after watching a kung fu movie. May you be happy and healthy, Anton ❤

  21. What is the move called just after Korbut does her flip? Where she whips around the lower bar and flies backwards towards the high bar? I've always thought that move looks amazing.

  22. to keep hooks you need mechanism, that lock and unlock just like hand

  23. Oh Anton after all the years its still a koy to watch you

  24. Good work,
    The reason this move was banned, is the second part of the move and the way she recoils backwards from the second bar. If see it in slow motion, it hyper hyper extends the spin and later in life causes extreme issues with spinal health. The flip itself is actually the safe part

  25. Lmao : “we can’t beat the Russians so we just ban moves our sportsmen can’t do”

  26. RILEY (SlotDog) PLAYS SLOTS (He's a dog) says:

    Your skill set is unreal. 😮😮😮

  27. Why is this illegal? It looks bomb af!

  28. Let’s goooooooooooo!!!! Anton!!!! 🔥🔥🔥

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