I create superhero trick from banned gymnastics move #shorts


  1. Figure out how to get the hooks and you’re good

  2. Ah, yes. My favorite superhero. The Hookrobat.

  3. That's an impressive story. Patience and discipline lead to success.

  4. How about this, instead of going forward when you reach the end where you're about to jump off, yank yourself back into a backflip with your hooks behind the bar. Just a suggestion

  5. Damn. That’s one hell of an impressive skill

  6. I love your videos and your sense of humor a lot man

  7. I think the more impressive part is the rotation around the lower bar and the backwards return to the upper one.
    Now go make something out of that 😊

  8. Why was the move banned? What was the justification? That no Americans could replicate it? Lol

  9. Holy shit, I am happy to see there were no severe leg injury

  10. i'm super gonna add this move on my game

  11. Only a scooter rider and a gymnast will know this pain 🗿

  12. As someone who had a 300lb metal picnic table fall 6ft on his legs, I felt that one.

    My legs were fine and i walked it somehow.

  13. Always amaze me how you break down a big stunt to safe techniques to practice it

  14. You are a true inspirarion for always pushing the limits of the comfort zone!! And I loved that stunt!!

  15. From acrobatics/gymstics training straight to Mua Thai 😂😂😂

  16. That was awesome! Respect the commitment.

  17. Referring to your hands as, 'baby hands…' I guess that makes my hands more like a fetus appendage? 😂

  18. I tought you were gonna chain it to the stomach catch spin thing she did. That looked crazy

  19. Still probably one of the coolest things I’ve seen you, or anyone, do!

  20. Isn't the trick banned because of the second part of it? Hitting the hips into the other bar

  21. Great job adapting this into a short, it is such an epic, Prince of Persia looking move, it deserves to be seen ! Too bad in real life we don't get infinite hooks.. Maybe you could get them back if they were linked to ropes or chains, God of War style. That sounds safe, right ? 😁

  22. Training for your forearms is such a grind

  23. It's so sad that Anton is probably the first person on english-speaking youtube who isn't pronouncing her name "core butt"…

  24. I'm sorry dude but I have laughed and rewatched the shin smack over and over. The diologue makes it even better. Definitely the most epic shin smash of all time.

  25. Bro you are are a bad ass for real you trained your grip strength for a month to do it man you have dedication keep it up I thought it was gangster as a mf

  26. Amazing strength and skills ❤💪🏼🤔

  27. How does this only have 6.1k likes? This is NUTS

  28. If you can't bring them with you, have a second set on your back.

    To bring them with you, you could put a hinge near the beginning of the curve with a release located on the handle.

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