How To Win Your First Chess Tournament

Hikaru reveals his big secret while solving a deviously difficult chess puzzle.

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  1. Yep. I'll never ever eeeeeeeeeever be a gm, holy shit, in 14 minutes nakamura calculated all that? Just too insane for me

  2. 3 seats are booked for candidates tournament Taimor Rajabov, DuDa, and Karjakin. I hope that fabiano and Hikaru can also qualify for candidates 🙂 my true wishes are with them.

  3. You have to reach a drawn position for offering something.

  4. move the pieces insted of using arrows when showing audience your plans 🙂
    Noone but top 10 brightest people in the world understand 85 arrows on the board

  5. It's easy to win a chess tournament at 5 years old… as long as all the opponents are also 5 years old

  6. Wow, that was insane, maybe if I study chess for the next 10 years I could solve puzzles like this.

  7. when hikar sees the roof 4:39 i rember the move of the queen gambit i think that is it nam eron nitflix HIKRA IS WILL BE THE NEW WORLLD CHAMP AHH

  8. Hikaru's "takes takes takes takes and we're winning here" has a different fanbase!🔥😂❤

  9. I'm glad he actually explained it fully at the end. A lot more helpful than him just saying the moves and moving on.

  10. Wait for real when you put out your hand you’re offering a draw?

  11. Man… that photo of young Hikaru kawaii ASF dude

  12. I love how one million people in chat kept recommending rg2 which is, in fact, a one-move blunder.

  13. And that is the way kids to out-calculate strongest chess engine in the world

  14. This is an example of the beauty of classical chess. Positions where one side is winning but must walk an extremely tight rope to get there, while the opposition has an easy win if any wrong moves are made. Positions like this will have a super GM in deep thought for minutes or even hours to find the line which would be completely overlooked in a blitz game. I'm mesmerized by how fast and sharp players like Hikaru can play in Blitz, but most impressive to me is cracking an extremely difficult puzzle without any trial and error.

  15. Wow, he literally calculated every possible outcome of that sequence in like ten minutes… I have some tactics to catch up on, excuse me.

  16. It took him over 8m to fully explain the puzzle. It is absolutely insane how he solved this in under 15m

  17. “I offer you to resign” and attempt to shake their hand…that’s really cheap lol 😂 you could mishear it as them resigning.

  18. Hikarus first words were “yeah chat takes takes takes and we’re just winning

  19. I always wonded how you can see/plan moves while looking away like that. Amazing.

  20. 2:36 Hikaru hating his chat for spamming incorrect variations they think are right

  21. Let's say something funny and unaccurate that Will make some laugh whilst make others furious:
    Thiefkaru Thiefkamura!

  22. Me: I offer you to resign. My father: I offer you a beating worth of a queen and a rook

  23. Até mesmo a promoção do cavalo foi considerada quando meu cérebro já nem sabia mais o que estava acontecendo. Estou de queixo caído! Isso sem considerar a didática nas explicações finais. Incrível 👏 👏 👏 👏 👏 👏

  24. nothing more cringe than ppl in chat saying answer using engine

  25. When he look up at the ceiling to make moves in his mind I think of Beth Harmon.

  26. Stockfish level 32 couldn't figure it out… even took Hikaru nearly 15 minutes!

  27. Most of us could have solved this puzzle, if given a month and our lives depended upon it. Study all you like, but you will never be able to solve it in this time frame.

  28. Can you give me the playlist for all the music in all of these vids?

  29. Me with a score of 550: hmm yes interesting…

  30. im proud of myself for finding the same candidate moves as this man

  31. Not a frequent viewer, but why is chat just Pogo-ing hikaru?

  32. Can't believe I watched all that. Now, I'm gonna hit the subs button.

  33. Honestly the biggest reason I wanna get higher than my 850 rating is to get better at strategizing long term plays. I feel like at my elo it's simply a matter of who blunders quicker but there's no real strategy involved.

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