How to use Lichess Studies! A tool EVERY chess player should take advantage of!

Want to analyze your games and take your chess to the next level? Want to put notations and comments on other people’s games? Want to play against the computer and practice certain openings? Find out how you can do ALL of this with Lichess studies! A fantastic FREE resource for all chess players.


  1. Best video about lichess study i found so far

  2. Your Lichess playing elo is pretty bad :)…your Lichess "how to use" ELO is absolutely fantastic…Super GM level. One of tbe best! Thank you!

  3. I appreciate your very nice introduction to lichess-study, Thank You!

  4. This is super interesting! Thanks for this info! I’m newly back to chess, so a lot of things Internet-chess-wise are new to me. I just recently heard of Lee Chess, and so I thought ‘weird name’, and asked “so that’s Leechess?”, and my buddy was like ‘no…’ 🤣

  5. Try putting content on your home page of youtube, and adding a channel trailer maybe.

  6. Thanks for your time and the fact that you made this vid! You are doing amazing work, mate. Keep it up!

  7. Do you know how to transfer one chapter of a study to another study? Thanx for you time and kindness of making these videos

  8. Thanks for this. I'm new to lichess. I'm going to use this to play with/teach my grandson who has started to learn. At this point he knows the pieces and how they move. We can play and I can tutor him as we go. Its got "take backs" if he (or I!) makes a mistake, and we can explore variations. But the board positions and the "move record" screen on the right don't clear when I re-load the Study…which is just a starting board. I want it to be a fresh board and empty move list every time we play. How do I do that and is the Study feature the way to go here? I can restart the board position by clicking on the "all back" button when finished, but the previous game's moves are still listed. Also, can I copy/paste some of the "Mate in 1" or "Mate in 2" puzzles into the study board so we work thru them together?

  9. Did you create the video you mention about how to review and analyze your games. If you're a beginner, how do you recognize blunders and key points in the game without using an engine?

  10. I don't see your cursor on a white background

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