How To Use Chess Engines

IM Kostya Kavutskiy explains how to get the most value out of using chess engines when analyzing your games.

0:00 Intro
1:54 How engines work
4:34 Key Mistakes when using the engine
7:08 Technique #1: Feeding
11:37 Technique #2: Comparison

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GM Mykhaylo Oleksienko’s channel:

Download Stockfish for free here:

Free software that can be used to run Stockfish and analyze games on your local computer –
Tarrasch Chess:
Lucas Chess:

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Chessbase – check out my review here:

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  1. Proud to say that I had figured these two techniques (feeding and comparison) out on my own. Where I have been messing up is not giving the engine enough time at times

  2. Thank you very much for your really instructive videos and now recommend other people to enrich our taste for fantastic chess greetings we continue to learn little by little but continuous growth

  3. and you are absolutely right that is exactly what we novices do, we ask the engine for 5 seconds and we take the result that it shows us as absolute truth

  4. I'm taking stock(fish) of my games. Many blunders they say.

  5. Great stuff! Just what an adult improver (rating around 1200) needed! I’m always hearing the advice to “analyze your own games”, but very little guidance about what that actually looks like.

  6. Is there an older version of Stockifish available to download that is compatible with Mac OS El Capitan 10.11.6. I don’t see any version for download on their website other than newer version which allegedly won’t work with OS El Capitan, but requires OS 10.14 or newer, which my Mac won’t work with.

  7. Thank you for taking the time to do all your videos. I find them very informative and easy to understand and follow and your advice is always sound. Thanks! All the best

  8. Hello brother .. can you please do a video of downloading chess engine .. book .. endgame and setting on iOS platform

  9. Hey do chess engine required internet to run or it’s can run without internet also to its optimum. Please let me know

  10. Does a better graphic card improve stockfish performance?…🤔🤔
    Plz ans…🙏🏻🙏🏻

  11. Blackmar Deimer Gambit too after 5. Bg4 the position is even even though its considered the main line after you let it run a long time very interesting thanks for the video

  12. This doesn't make any sense because you said it was at depth 30 and didn't see some things, but the things you showed were all well before 30 moves!

  13. do you have tutorial how to install stockfish 13 on pc and run it?

  14. Thank you for this most excellent video. I noticed when analyzing my games with Fritz, it would find incredible moves but also it's evaluation seemed a bit sketchy, because after playing a move it found weak, suddenly it was the strongest winning move. So again thank you!

  15. 𝘿𝙐𝙂𝙂𝘼𝙉 𝘽𝙊𝙎𝙎 says:

    Nikhil Kamath knows how to use engine 🤣😂

  16. Why is no one talking about his camera quality 😤

  17. Awesome, I've been working with engines but kinda fumbling around with it.

  18. 🔥🐯fire tiger is appreciating but not appreciated it seems. well. at least you know the name now. we'll meat (yeah. I'm a fire tiger)

  19. It pays to have some good understanding of the game before using the engine. A majority of the time for me I overrule the engine when it wants to play kamikaze and opt for developing moves. Of course if it's a completely winning line I might choose it but I place value on developing my pieces and figure getting out of the opening is most important. Also, the computer doesn't place a value on it but something you tend to notice is if you are choosing developing moves instead of what the computer is suggesting then once you are finished developing and reach the middlegame you are ready to attack and the amount of legitimate moves your opponent has to choose from are much smaller. Kind of one of those unseen things that you can't know just from blindly following an engine.

  20. ok but like i literally dont know how to use an engine

  21. Great video. What CPU do you and other top players use in there system ? …. would greatly appreciate an answer as I am currently building a computer for my Chess , thanks for your great videos, regards Roxy ( 2179 lichess )

  22. Hey Kostya – When playing practice games with the engine, what rating should i be setting on the engine?I should i play it at its max so i get or learn the right/best moves or set it like 200-300 higher than my rating ?… thanks again for the video.. very helpful

  23. Thanks, very helpful. Thumbs up and subscribed.

  24. i am training for my tournaments with komodo dragon 2

  25. So what did players do back when the only good engines were Fritz and rybka? There’s no way you could’ve gone to depth 30

  26. Gave the Technique#1 to Komodo 2.6.1 dragon (brought version) found Bxh7+ at depth 20 or in a few seconds recoomended bxb5 as it's second best option.

  27. Nice video!
    It will be better by using several engines to compare the moves on certain position or on every position.

  28. Dude why does it take you over 2 mins to get to the point, hurry up man, people don't have the time to waste these days and no one cares about your intro, we know what we are looking for in the title

  29. One way to figure out if a position is easy to play is by looking at the trend in the evaluation of the variation lines.

    My former coach recommended having around six variation lines. This way you can spot how dramatic the advantage grows as the moves are more "inaccurate". If the trend has big jumps in evaluation and the moves are not forced, you have a tough position. Smith morra gambit lines can produce this scenario.

  30. It doesn't really show on how to use a chess engine. Just a bunch of talking but no tutorial. I downloaded the stockfish app and can't even open it. Any suggestions on better tutorials on how to really use the chess engines? Thanks in advance

  31. This was extremely helpful, very well done. This validated some intuitions I already had, but now I more fully understand their validity. Thanks for providing this specific instruction.

  32. For Stockfish_15, that's a joke. Only 0.75 Mkn or 3 s

  33. How can I show the last move at this arena chess ?

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