How to Trap a Queen in Chess? Chess Traps and Tricks for Beginners to Win the Opponent’s Queen

Learn how to trap a queen in chess in this chess tutorial for beginners. In this video, you will learn the basic ideas to trap your opponent’s queen in 8 different ways.These 8 chess traps and tricks for beginners to win the opponent’s queen must be watched and learned by every chess enthusiast.


0:00 Basic Ideas to Trap a Queen
0:34 Queen Trap in Englund Gambit
3:17 Queen Trap in Tennison Gambit
7:28 Queen Trap in Hector Gambit
9:42 Queen Trap in Albin Countergambit
13:38 Queen Trap in Scandinavian Defense
16:37 Queen Trap in Falkbeer Gambit
19:12 Queen Trap in Fajarowicz Gambit
23:57 Queen Trap in Budapest Gambit
24:55 Question of the Day!

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Check out the playlist here to learn some chess from beginning:

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  1. This was so informative 😭. Tears of joy 😁

  2. Nice video for beginners but unfortunately in higher ratings, players are going to see the trap and have better positions.

  3. Bc3+ still works as you give a check on F7 and king has to take

  4. Englund Gambit: Nope
    Intercontinental Ballistic Missile Gambit: Yessssssss

  5. the falkbeer gambit is actually even material as you lose :
    1 pawn=1p
    1 bishop = 3p
    1 rook =
    they lose:
    1 queen = 9p

  6. Scandinavian Defense has loop hole… 16:29 if queen is not taking the bishop but black knight is taking out the white pawn.. so the white knight will be in danger to remove the black knight.. it is a flaw move… just my thoughts..

  7. Very good moves but when we are playing a game we forget all the moves and play our own game and lose… 😢 😭 😿

  8. Your way of telling was very good but you spoiled the entire video by speaking in English whereas all the Indians listening were listening to you very well.

  9. chess champion apka purana channel hai naaa

  10. "Most of the time" is absolutely wrong in these cases. If you're playing someone who knows the game, they won't fall for these traps. You need opponents who are super amateur to fall for these.

  11. Wow. Very nice explanation. U earned 1 more subscriber. 😅

  12. 3.2.1 here we go BISHOP g6!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU ARE DONE FOR LOSER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Can you post the FEN in the description as well for your games, so it would be east to Import and analyze and learn ?

  14. Tennission gamblete is the best wave for capture opponent's queen

  15. Sangat bagus, izin download bro..

  16. bg6 kxg6 qxd8🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺

  17. U forgot to mention the knight at trap number 1 also prevents scholars mate

  18. 13:08 is not a forcing can easily move his king instead of taking the knight 😂😂😂

  19. No need any trick in this game depand is what other move

  20. Because you said the anser in the video.

  21. In the Albin counter gambit we can also move the bishop to capture the white queen

  22. Bishop to G6 check is the right move

  23. In trap no.5. I think Qc5 on the 8th move is a way out. Anyway in all these trap moves the big possibility of 'If' in the early moves hangs heavy. Good plan but only ' If '.

  24. Good one 😂
    Noob like me can easily fall to these traps

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