How to Train Chess Visualization? | Part 1 | Chess Visualization Training

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In this video, IM Andrey Ostrovskiy is continuing the series on how to improve your chess visualization skills. This time, Andrey tests your visualization abilities with other interesting exercises where he is going through a given positions from a master games. The goal of this exercise is to calculate and visualize the best moves for white. Make sure to watch the video to the end where a bonus exercise is waiting for you!

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  1. Continuing the series on Visualization with a new video prepared by IM Andrey Ostrovskiy that includes several exercises to train your visualization skills. Let us know what you think about the video in the comment section and make sure to watch the video to the end where a bonus exercise is waiting for you!

  2. Very Nice. Keep this series going ! 😊

  3. 1.Bf6 Qxf6 2.Qa1+ Kc4 3.Qxf6 and we win the queen. Nice video and puzzles and this improve my visualization.

  4. Thank you! Looking forward to this series πŸ™‚

  5. 1. Bf6 Qxf6
    2. Qa1+ and white picks up the black queen.

  6. as usual, a very good video and it seems will be a great series. i remember watching im alex's videos with this topic, now i can tell it's much easier, since i got used to it. but, i have a question though; how important this exercises exactly? i mean, for me or players like me (beginner, improver) how important it is? maybe you can add this question on im andrey's q&a video, he can suggest us, to beginners a simple routine. thanks for your efforts guys, keep going ✌️

  7. Finally visualization training is back πŸ‘… yes was very helpful and nice picked puzzles (we may still miss one more difficult to increase the challenge) thank you and please keep going

  8. Gee… thanks for hurting my head so much this afternoon, Andrey! Hopefully, it'll hurt less and less after I get used to this mental exercise… haha! Thanks for starting another great series!

  9. I love this type of video! One other thing, I would like to get this chess set. What is it called and where can I get it?

  10. I would love it if you could make several videos about visualization every week so that I can use them as my daily training routine. I would like to ask if you could recommend me a good book to improve my visualization skill even more. Great video as always! Greetings from Germany πŸ‡©πŸ‡ͺπŸ‡©πŸ‡ͺ❀️

  11. This Ne7 move after Qe5 is the only one which I couldn't see in the first position, so perhaps in a real game it would be 50/50 whether I play Qd5 or Qe8. I guess still winning with correct play, but I should definitely try to improve visualisation. I seem to be prone to seeing "ghost" pieces (seeing a piece after it has moved since it's still on the physical board). So I end up "replaying" the variation in my mind multiple times since I loose it if I don't. Is that what people tend to struggle with and should I be doing something different than "replaying" the position constantly?

  12. Very good video and tips!
    Keep going & best regards

  13. Simply amazing video like your channel and your great website. Thank you for having the time to share with us something from your experience guys (love).

  14. Thanks for making my request into action…. I really enjoyed very much… Thank you so much

  15. I find it useful make more videos like this pleas
    I solved the bonus ex at the end and win the qween

  16. Thank you for the visualization lesson Andrey. My answer for the exercise is:
    1. Bf6 pinning the queen Qxf6
    2. Qa1+ skewering the queen on f6 thus winning the game.

    Visualization is very tiring for the mind, but the effort is all worth in chess in the long run! πŸ™‚

  17. Great video!
    Not easy for me (1900-ish lichess), haven't found the Ne7.
    Great work!
    I am sure the channel will grow very rapidly with such amazing content.

  18. This is how a teacher should be…

  19. White bishop to b5 black king to C4 white Queen to b4 check mate

  20. Visualization is my Achilles heel in chess, and this video popped up when I search the topic. It was great! Very good pace, and I especially liked the exercise at the end with no pieces on the board. Someone should make a whole tactics book with blank boards with the placement of the pieces written beneath. I think the computer is a great modern tool for learning chess, but too often we spend our time moving the pieces around the board. We need to spend much more time staring at real chess boards and thinking ahead without touching the pieces. Thank you so much for the video, and I'm going to watch your other visualization videos now.

  21. thanks, and where is the link to the second part?

  22. last exercise was on another level. i think its for 2000 above rated players
    pls do that type visualisation excersises in the future ..
    awesome channel btw

  23. I got them all right and I loved the bonus exercise! Such a great idea

  24. bd6 Qxd6
    Qb2+ and capture the Q on the next move

  25. Bischop f6 pinning the queen to the bischop after takes queen a1 check wins the queen

  26. I would like to be able to hear the video please

  27. hello ,I have been playing chess for 1 year. I recently learned the blind flag method to improve my ability to compute variations. can you suggest me to imagine a 2d or 3d board? I usually play 3d board but I find visualizing real 3d board much harder than 2d board. do you guys think i should imagine the 2d board and imagine it when playing the 3d board? or do i have to imagine the 3d board when playing the 3d board? please give me feedback. Thank you so much.please help me i need it

  28. After Qe8 which ish blunder, Q A1 is check mates… on the minutes 5:05

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