How to Solve Chess Tactics | 1200-1400 Puzzles Training

Learn how to solve chess puzzles from 1200-1400. Like the video, write a comment πŸ™‚

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I have two full repertoires with White (e4) and Black (e6/b6)!

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  1. Is wired that I am 1150 and solve 1700 puzzle rating?

  2. Your channel is highly underrated! Thanks for the teaching the tactics πŸ˜„

  3. This is amazing, you make it look so easy

  4. This guy is my new favorite chess coach. Unfortunately all of a sudden my girlfriend is beating me. So I’m not sure what’s going on.

  5. Whenever i see someone do these puzzles within 1 second after the board shows up they already say "Material is equal". Is that kind of overview of the board state something you develop after playing alot of games? Because i always have to look around a couple seconds and have to count the pieces one by one.

  6. It's amazing how you can quickly analyse the structures the moment they appear. Give us time.

  7. @ 15:50 I disagree that its easy. I wish you talked about the follow up. I thin we gotta look at rook d1 attacking the queen and threatening to capture the knight behind it. If the queen moves one to the left of right you capture it with queen and take the knight with check( assuming he blocked your queen check with pawn earlier, attacking your bishop) and since you take with check your bishop can't be captured by the pawn that block check. Atleast thats what I think. Thought on this πŸ€” one a while..

  8. 13:39 the thing is if the rook takes the knight (attacking your queen) black ends up with less material, so it’s a puzzle where I don’t see the point of doing that move.. right? Unless that’s the best move you can find πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™‚οΈ

  9. Thanks bro 😊 !your video helps me a lot to grain confidance πŸ‘

  10. Instead of getting lasik you should replace your eyes with chess rooks!

  11. 14:02 Yep thats exactly why im just a 1400 player…. Sure i didnt examine the puzzle for 2 minutes.. but at first glance my brain was yelling (Fork the queen, pawn is pinned)

  12. dude wtf, i get harder puzzles at a lower elo ratingπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ solved most of these at first glance

  13. 1294 was glossed over but not solved! Where is the mate?

  14. Could someone knowledgeable with chess confirm the following:

    In the first Puzzle, would: Rc8 to h8 be a possible move? Because if white takes the queen, I can go Rook h3 takes h2 -> Check mate?

    And if white takes my queen with queen putting black in check, i can simply take back with pawn or bishop.

    Sorry, im new to chess and am not familiar with proper notations (how to speak chess using letters)

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  16. Could you do more videos like this please? Thank you!

  17. Knight E1 at 14:17 would be the ultimate, but u forgot, correct ? so there was one more move to catch the rook

  18. I have 2200 rank in puzzle but 800 in blitz

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  20. I've been stalled out … gradually achieving lower ratings over the past few months … I maxed at just over 1600 then fell to 1200 … now … back up to 1414 this afternoon after discovering and then watching this video last night and playing puzzles all morning and early afternoon today … just rewatched it so I can move onto your next in the series … great work … thanks muchly …

  21. "What's so hard about this puzzle?"
    We get it, you're a 2700 rated IM. Some of us struggle at "easy" puzzles.

  22. Dude who are you and why are you so good at solving chess puzzles!!!!!!!!!!!! Subscribed! Liked! Commented.

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  24. Dude, I literally saw this video and attempted to solve the puzzle. I could not believe myself. I jumped 200 points!!! It's crazy. You are awesome!!!!!!!

  25. The common way chess puzzles work in terms of pass/fail is dated and could use revision. Many of them are a multi-move process, on hard puzzles each move is not exactly obvious, and getting any one of them wrong is immediate fail of the whole thing. When you're tackling these things it oftens results in you thinking or out loud yelling at the screen "WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME!?". This is especially the case when there are multiple ways to achieve similar results but one is deemed ever so slightly better than the other. There is an opportunity here for someone to program something a little more dynamic and forgiving.

  26. Chess tactics are discussed often, but what is a chess tactic? There are many ways to describe chess tactics, but perhaps the simplest is to say that a chess tactic is a move (or series of moves) that brings an advantage to a player. This advantage can be material, like winning a piece or even an attack that results in checkmate! Richard Teichmann's famous quote that "Chess is 99% tactics" may not be exactly true, but this sentiment shows the importance of chess tactics.

    Watch following video to learn more.πŸ‘‡πŸ»

  27. This was so helpful! I got my puzzle rating up to 1400 πŸ™‚

  28. I need a video like this except it's slower and explained like I'm five years old

  29. 8:39 I think the point of the puzzle is to do checks perpetually to draw.

  30. Im sorry my brain is too slow for this. There is no "if this then this and this" super fast instead there is "Can I move this one? would that help? what do i even want to capture? am i under attack?" then the computer says "blunder".

  31. The reason behind 15:50 is that you're already up the exchange so the theme is actually simplification

  32. I slept on how fun the puzzles are. It starts at the 400 rating. In 5 hours I got it to 900. Highest was 927. Bounce between 875-925. I wish I could get to this level. Over 1200s

  33. least popular video on the channel

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