How to solve Chess Puzzles: Puzzle Practice #66

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  1. I remember solving a mate in 2 problem once. I couldn't figure it out and so I tried making all the legal moves checking one at a time.I can really relate that incidence to this one😂

  2. on the first puzzle, after Bh6, Rg8, then Rh2! wins (better than just a pawn back I believe)

  3. Without giving things away for the 3rd puzzle – , for high accuracy moves, sometimes they do have certain tickboxes for what you want, but also as a side effect remove the effectiveness of defensive tries. So in this way are "better" sometimes than other moves. This was my personal take-away from the third puzzle. I might be restricting these videos to a maximum of 3 puzzles to try and keep them to 15 minutes or less.

  4. puzzle1
    after rook g8 , may be pin your own bishop by rook h2 . if he takes our bishop than mate , or else we will take after next move , and after rook h2 if black play king h1 than bishop takes bishop , double check , plz reply

  5. KC about last puzzle dont give up. i fail as well HAHA LOL thanks 4 the video KC!

  6. in the 1st puzzle, if black plays Rg8 why don't you play Rh2 instead of taking the bishop?

  7. You didn't have to upload this KC but you did anyway. However embarrassing it may have been it showed your humility and appreciation for this incredible game. Good on yer mate!

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