How to solve Chess Puzzles: Puzzle Practice #35

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  1. that was hilarious when you realised the black pawn was moving down the board!

  2. I find that interesting – I totally suck at chess, don't play often at all either, but I got the first puzzle almost right away. And I'm saying that when I haven't even seen the solution yet, I'm that sure. (h5)

    Yet you, clearly and in every way possible the better chess player, are struggling with it. Does that tell us anything about chess? I don't know.

  3. I found all of these to be quite easy, which is strange, as you (KC) are a far better player than I (by a few hundred rating points). I, interestingly enough, found the first one the easiest (about 20 seconds to solve), the last one slightly harder (about 30 seconds) and the second puzzle the hardest.
    I understand your hatred for compositions, but that last one I found very interesting and informative.

  4. Yeah, careful with the direction of the pawns :-)) Its easy to mixed them up in computer.

  5. please play more 3-5min games, I'm having to try to find other host to watch to get my fill, but It is hard to find anyone quite as entertaining, thanks for the videos.

  6. I also thought f5 at first for the first one but after I had been disabused of that notion, I paused again and got the rest of the sequence first time.
    I got the rest first time except the second last one where I thought Bc1 would lead at least to overwhelming material advantage with mate shortly after…. I still can't see what is wrong with that move, Anyone want to help me out? 😀

    Shame being able to do these problems doesn't seem to translate to me actually being any good at chess! (I seem to be around 1500 rating).

  7. Bg1 on puzzle 1452 as the first move is also mating, which I thought was cooler even if one move longer. (Technically white could block the mating sequence KC did to extend it one more move)

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