How to solve Chess Puzzles: Puzzle Practice #23

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  1. maybe you could post the fen of the position you would like us to analyze ?

  2. lol. Many bothans died to identify these forcing moves.

  3. Both Qf4 and Nf2+ are actually equal after perfect play from both sides, but the knight move actually only gives white only 1 option to not get mated while the queen move allows for multiple respones from black (basically, it's not as forcing but it is equally strong)

  4. Honestly I think Qf4 is really good! It's still winning I believe!

  5. I think the difference between the two moves is that Black gains more material.
    If 2…Nf2+ then 3.Qxf2 Qxf2 4.Rxe7 Qxh4+ 5.Kg1 Qxe7
    If 2…Qf4 then 3.Rxe7 Qxg3 4.Bd3+ g6 5.Rxf7+ Kg8 6.fxg4

  6. According to Stockfish Qf4 is going to end up with black up by 110. Both moves are still winning without a doubt but it seems that the trepidation Stockfish had with Qf4 was that it is a fairly slow game even if you end up way out on top. Even with the top moves from Stockfish on white's side, Qf4 would be grounds for immediate resignation. The game is over at that point. Same goes for Nf2. Only difference really is that Nf2 with the queen taking f2 ends up with something along the lines of a mate in 26 whereas there never was a definitive mate in x from the qf4 position although it would be absolutely devastating.

  7. Did some analysis on Stockfish, …Qf4 is definitely stronger than the knight move, good find!

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