How to solve Chess Puzzles: Puzzle Practice #22

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  1. Nice deciphering at 330 I wish I could work through it so fast

  2. If you went with Re1+ instead of Qe7+ on the last one, I think that after you fork his king and queen on g4, and take his queen on h5, black would have Rg8, pinning your queen to your king, because your queen would still be on g7 with your king on g1.

  3. Got the first three in about 10-12 seconds total. After 2 minutes went for g4 in the last one, which is clearly inferior, but still winning handily.

  4. Hey KingCrusher! I love your videos and i like this puzzle line as well. Why don't you also start teaching some theory? It would be great! 😀 regards from Italy!

  5. Great puzzles you've got there man!

  6. I believe it was puzzle #3 or #4….that queen sacrifice at f6 pointed at g7. Got that in 5 seconds. And I never do good in these puzzles generally, unless blatantly easy like the first one.

  7. Some quick ones I solved are pure luck at the moment

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