How to solve Chess Puzzles: Forcing Move Puzzle Practice #8

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  1. that last combo one of the nicest I've ever seen

  2. Chess is just the most ridiculously amazing game! 

  3. Very fun puzzles! I found most of them including the sneaky Kf7!!! Absolutely brilliant stuff.

  4. KC 4, Me 1. I got that third puzzle instantly somehow. Your ability to recognize the games ("Oh, I think this is a Petrosian game") is amazing, though!

  5. On the last one it's not 1. Qxc7+ Kxc7 2. Nb5+ Kb8 3. Bf4+ because of 3. . … Re5!! and not 3. … Ne5?? which still allows 4. Rd8+!!

  6. Did you happen to change the daily puzzle limit from ten to five?

  7. The second combination by Alekhine, blindfolded.

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