How To Learn & Study Chess Openings

In this video, we talk about chess openings and how to study them. I discuss chess openings for beginners, theory – Sicilian, Caro Kann, Vienna, Kings Gambit, and London Opening vs Kings Indian. I show you openings databases and discuss various platforms and teach you to analyze games.

0:00 Introduction

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  1. Jesus christ I love playing chess. My dad taught me when I was just a young kid. 6/7/8 ish years old. I did not realize how ignorant I was until I watched this video. I've played hundreds if not thousands of games and I've nevl

  2. Can anyone tell a good opening after 1.d4?

  3. i needed this. thanks levy. i appreciate u!!.

  4. 16:30 This subscriber of yours is Greek and his name means "UselessForSale" or literaly "CoatForSale" 😂

  5. If this is for beginners, then fuck knows what I am?! An embryo?

  6. Goes E5
    Opponent matches my pon

    Me: “Damn he’s good”

  7. I played the Sicilian once as a non titled player and Levy Rozman came to my house and took my kneecaps out with a pipe

  8. Man you look like Harry Potter 😂😂.. it's like what Harry Potter was a chess player and not a actor

  9. Thank you. I just used the knights gambit on a 1200 bot I been trying to beat. I got a draw!! Thats an improvement

  10. Now I need a video on how to study opening study videos.

  11. Subtitle: How to identify the moment you snatched defeat from the jaws of victory and avoid it next time.

  12. I have a fine opening repetoir
    Queens gambit
    Queens pawn opening
    Queens Indian defense
    Bogo Indian
    Nimzo Indian
    Vienna gambit and system

  13. As a Scotch player, I'm really curious what the proper response to Qh4 is. I don't think I've ever faced it, but it would be good to know before I do!

  14. thank you i never understood the computer help with my games ,see if it improves ,have great day Gotham

  15. i have watch your you tube real cool stuff i am 1400 an up

  16. you should speak slow, and explain very slow

  17. Is studying your games like this worth doing when you're basically a total beginner? I have not memorized any main lines or all of that. Just learning how to win against like 800 level players haha

  18. Can anyone tell me how can i learn chess openings and basic chess ideas for free online?

  19. Thank you. My uncle showed me how the pieces moved when I was 9 years old.(57 years ago) Since then, up to this last year. I thought I was really good. The internet has given me the opportunity to see how Wrong I have been. Even though I rarely come across someone better than me in person, I don't have any problem finding people who can and do regularly do School me.

  20. Huh. But I still don’t know what to do?!

  21. I love when the game report says “last book move” after my 1st move 😂

  22. Nice – a fun evening in prospect trying out openings explorer with a Five Guys meal beckons

  23. i really dont know how im gonna learn and remember things that way…i guess its just a me thing :/

  24. Do you still talk so fast in your courses?

  25. I will never get used to hearing my name in chess videos, especially opening videos

  26. I guess the only thing that was not answered here was "how to study the openings" meaning, should you read and memorize it , or just repeat the moves on board or if u wana practice certain opening where and how to do it ?! and so on…

  27. I feel like openings are one of those things where u have to learn all of them and their variations in order to actually be able to use any of them. Because if u don’t, a lot of the times u will say to urself “Wait, ur not suppose to do that.” And then everything goes to shit.

  28. At what rating would you say people graduate from just needing to stop blundering basic stuff, to really needing to study in order to grow? As a former scholastic coach, at what point did you start telling your students to do this?

  29. How to study chess openings…. Watch GothamChess vids on YouTube!

  30. On your phone in a dark room: go to 5:05, pause the video, and shake your phone around for a crazy illusion

  31. Levy’s voice and tone occasionally goes all BEE GEESY . Notice??!!!

  32. Winning percentage for moves of people my elo is arguably more important than GM games.

  33. We need a way to go through the game explorer with the engine up at the same time!

  34. i was thinking at exactly dutch defense when you were talking about setup openings versus non setup ones, and i put myself the question : could i play dutch defense as a setup? silly noob question probably. love your style.
    just my opinion. after opening schemes, tips and tricks, yada yada yada, guess what follows : THE MIDDLEGAME, and middle game is most complicated, most beautiful part of chess in my , and others opinion, and there, you have to really play chess and with a plan. because whatever initiative or pawn plus or whatever you have out of the opening, you better not loseit while in middlegame and beyond ..ty for reading.

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