How To Learn & Study Chess Openings

In this video, we talk about chess openings and how to study them. I discuss chess openings for beginners, theory – Sicilian, Caro Kann, Vienna, Kings Gambit, and London Opening vs Kings Indian. I show you openings databases and discuss various platforms and teach you to analyze games.

0:00 Introduction

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  1. 8:10 I actually accidentally discovered that by myself without even really trying that hard😂😂

  2. I played chess on a mobile – predated to smartphone to decide if I was overworked…. Won every time when I had enough sleep but lost when I did some shifts over on max on this phone – just to determine when to get some sleep.

  3. As an advanced player, watching Mr beast play against Hikaru was quite hilarious.

  4. I play Kings Gambit as white, Sicilian against KP opening, Queens indian against QP openings. If you learn those opening well, you force your opponent onto your best game…

  5. Caro kann defense
    Budapest gambit

    Dutch defense

  6. I'm 1200 and play scotch only (maybe 250 games as white). I've only faced the queen out thing once too. I also blundered.

  7. I’m trying to learn an opening so should I learn the Vienna or caro kann

  8. 11:34 Hol' up… I would think, scanning a player's history or even looking up openings in a database, – during a game – is cheating. Am I wrong?

  9. i am super lucky that he exists

  10. You don't look like a real person. You look like some one that is completely CGI
    . Lol.

  11. gothamchess I respectedly request you that please make a video on Reti opening

  12. I don’t understand when he just starts rushing the openings

  13. Yeah i see why chess isnt popular theres no real way to play it i mean u can sure qs fuck lose and feel stupid but i good game is fun

  14. moves pawn to anywhere after white moves
    Good chess players: "I see, the Ammonia opening into the Bleach defense. This will create an unpredictable gas of attacks, like ammonia and bleach."

  15. “Only played 2 times it’s probably not the best move,” the 2 slept on masters with their move’s 100% win rate: 🤨

  16. Where can we find the openings course he mentioned? The one that covers white options on e4 against typical black responses aside from e5?

  17. Oh, my…. you are realy the light in the darkness. So clean and straight to the point.

  18. I became what i never thought i will became a chess geek and god damn i love it 😁

  19. TL;DW, the first half of this video is about ya probably need to cheat (by playing wiht a db open) against the higher ranked online players. Seriously… Id like to see a video about cheating (outright plugging move by move into an engine or playing with a db open) in online chess

  20. Eric Hui Fitness | Online Lifestyle Coach says:

    Who has no idea what’s going on

  21. I feel like a chimpanzee who just figured out how to make fire.

  22. Guys,, can I know where I can play chess, where famous chess player, plays…

  23. Me and all the people who play Italian: 🥱🥱🥱

  24. Dude, english please .. what the hell !!!!

  25. i love moving all my pawns 1 space just to confuse the other player

  26. I've watched 2 minutes of this video and my head is already spinning I'm going to watch the rest but I doubt a beginning like me could actually learn much

  27. This guy is talking about stuff I never heard of for all I know the next thing he could do is construct a mega-chessatron

  28. Chess is a rigged game from the very opening move there are so many options you need to memorize so many strategies every piece opens up a new Avenue but there's no in hell you're going to know which one you should move unless you keep playing and remembering every possible option and move it's a little ridiculous really you will be bad at chess until you are good at chess… it is that type of logic the game follows

  29. There are far too many wrong ways to open and make moves you need to memorize the right ways and all of the Avenues that Branch off so you can adjust to their every move a person with a photographic Perfect Memory would probably be the best player close to it anyway

  30. How are you supposed to know what one move will trigger 345 moves down? The real question is how do you move pieces and see the entire board and all of the subsequent moves your opponent's going to play every time I play and move one piece it opens doors three four or five spaces down that gets me killed

  31. I'm a chess beginner and I like this video
    Keep doing a lot of videos like this♥♥

  32. i forgot all those openings name because of handy dandy data base

  33. Sadly the computer doesnt feel like working without me paying 50 bucks a year to the imaginary man

  34. Well this killed the want for me to learn chess.. I thought it was a game about strategy but apparently it's just percentage calculation..

  35. As a person who only plays as black peices, i deffinetly have learned.

  36. Noobs, you are lucky that GothamChess exists.

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