How To Improve Your Chess Visualization

In this “off brand” version of today’s Vision Training video lesson, International Master Danny Rensch provides practical advice, lists some of his favorite drills known to improve your full board awareness and calculation skills, and has some fun showing off his new blindfold bandana!

Try the new at and then try for improving your calculation!


  1. How is Danny still IM? These skills are extraordinary considering his rating.

  2. I am a beginner and no offense, for me it was like a race with usian bolt

  3. This seems more like a man stroking his own ego more than education. I'm not going to rewind for every word every time.

  4. Seems more like gloating to me… slow down man!

  5. Uhm… You know.. like a lot of People I think, I came here to Learn something. While I can Congratulate You on Your skill level doing these exercises, I have to say this is a Terrible video on Your part from a Teaching Standpoint.
    I teach Myself and I can Tell You what You are doing is Simply "Showing Off" to other people who came here to learn. People quickly lose any interest of following You during the video and simply stop paying attention to what You are saying, as You are going Way too fast. Keep in mind that a Lot of People are just Beginners and already have trouble identifying the different tiles quickly, even while looking at the board.
    All of a sudden, all They can hear is a Big Mumbo-Jumbo of incomprehensive jargon/sounds.
    It all makes You come off as arrogant, proud, superior (You might not be, and I am not saying that You are, I don't know You, but this is how the video is showing You to be), and makes the viewer feel like an incompetent who would never get to that level of skill.

    I have always firmly believed that, no matter the discipline, a Great Player/Athlete might Never Be a Great Coach, and a Great Coach might never be a Great Player/Athlete. This video is a good example of that.
    It's actually a big problem nowadays because most People only look at the results and say "Oohhh I want to learn from "Celebrity Athlete Mister/Madam A", or "Top Player Whatever". But they Should actually Learn from The Coach/Teacher who were able to Bring Them to that Level.
    Anyways, I know I'm late on this video, but if You do see this, please make adjustements for future videos.

  6. As so many other people in the comments, I am amazed. I was so pumped at the idea of learning some drills, and will still try them. Seeing the speed at which you can do this is astonishing. I couldn’t keep up with it while seeing the board.

  7. "i see" said the blind man as he picked up his hammer and saw

  8. Well that was fast, it felt more like a show off then a lesson

  9. I like your videos
    I'm a beginner and I'm always suprise how you know the openings alot I've tried memorizing it and it doesn't work , how do you do it

  10. Wow Daniel’s amazing at chess! :O

  11. this is exactly my sole problem in chess!

  12. Finally Daniel I'm in agreement with your friends, I'd like to punch you on the nose. I desparetly want to immediatly recognise where a square is by its description. Am still convinced anyone that can play a game blind arrived on our planet by U. F. O, This vid seems amazing. I will save it and try out the exercises in it. Kidding about the nose and punch thing. Much love dude.

  13. Love the light jab to the ghostbusters remake, can’t say he’s wrong about that haha

  14. Didn’t learn jack, but I’m motivated to learn these things

  15. 06:18 I think you missed g7 and h6. Also a7 and b8 but they are impossible. But all over, great great great video. Thank you a lot

  16. Are there any chess visualization puzzle books?

  17. Adults can't learn this. This type of training must begin when you're young.

  18. This felt more like a demonstration than a lesson. I didn't find it useful at all.

  19. I was wondering why he was talking so fast and then I realized I was at 1.5x speed for some reason. I was seriously concerned about this guys health for a second.

  20. Fck! I can't even follow with my eyes open….

  21. Better title for this video- "Watch me boast my blindfold chess skills"

  22. I can’t even keep track of the positions he’s saying with my eyes on the board. He does it faster with his eyes closed…

  23. Is it possible to learn this with aphantasia?

  24. watching your video was a waste of my precious time

  25. when someone googles "How To Improve Your Chess Visualization" they want to learn. they dont want to see you show off!!

  26. Better title for this video- "Watch me boast my blindfold chess skills". you are nuts

  27. however I like the idea of hang a chess board above their bed
    but 95% was waste of time

  28. Why is there no app for this type of training? There are apps to learn musical notes on treble and bass clefs…starting at beginner level and up as you you better. Drills (with discipline) are the only way to learn.

  29. Too fast. Not any good video to learn from

  30. 30/30, not my best work but not bad😅same here chief

  31. 30/30 not my best work

    best work 31/31

  32. I knew the Q on d5 and knight exercise. But the second one was knew to me. Thanks for the knowledge.

  33. I like how he demonstrated that mental vision is far superior than ocular vision…

    Proof that chess is won and lost in the mind not necessarily on the board

  34. Actually, I would like to see a Ghostbusters movie based on the original show with the monkey. Just for variety.

  35. You memorized the knight queen study. Not impressed.

  36. Can you talk more about the Mieses Endgame

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