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In this video, IM Alex Astaneh will introduce a new series that will help you to improve your chess visualization skills. First of all, what is visualization in chess? Visualization is the ability to picture a position in your mind, to hold that position in memory and to imagine how the pieces can move without actually moving them over the board. One of the biggest mistakes that we see, aspiring chess players make, is that they don’t practice their visualization skills anywhere near enough.

In order to improve your chess visualization, you should practice holding the position in your mind and developing your chess imagination. In this video, IM Alex Astaneh will show you one technique in which you can do this. In this series, eventually we will show you a variety of different techniques to constantly work on your chess visualization.

The technique shown in this video is a very simple one. It involves playing over master level games, in this case a game played by former world champion Anatoli Karpov, and what it involves, IM Alex Astaneh will read out the first three moves from either side but rather than playing out the moves, one by one, he will instead only play out the moves in the position after three moves have been played by each side. The challenge of this exercise is that you must try and imagine the position, follow along with your mind’s eye and only afterwards will he show the position. The beauty of this exercise is that you can progressively increase it. In this video, we start with three moves for each side. In future videos, we will show four moves for each side. You can then improve that to five moves each side, six moves each side and so on.

The world’s best chess players, like world champion Magnus Carlsen, are famous for being able to give simultaneous exhibitions where they play against ten, twenty or even more opponents at the same time wearing a blindfold around their head. That means that their visualization skills are so highly developed that they are able to hold all of these different positions in memory from the very beginning of a game to the end, all of them at the same time. Blindfold chess was considered miraculous for centuries, but now there is greater recognition of people who can keep track of more than one simultaneous blindfolded game. Grandmasters weren’t born knowing how to do that. It takes a lot of practice and patience, but after some time it will pay off.

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[Date “2019”]
[Annotator “Alex Astaneh”]
1. d4 d5 2. Nc3 e6 3. e4 Bb4 4. e5 c5 5. a3 Bxc3+ 6. bxc3 Ne7 7. Nf3 Nbc6 8. Be2
Qa5 9. O-O Qxc3 10. Bd2 Qb2 11. Rb1 Qxa3 12. Rb3 Qa2 13. Qc1 Nf5 14. Ra3 Nfxd4
15. Bd3 Nxf3+ 16. gxf3 Qxa3 17. Qxa3 O-O 18. Qxc5 Nxe5 19. Be2 Ng6 20. Qc7 f6
21. Bb4 Rf7 22. Qd8+ Nf8 23. Bb5 *

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  1. Great video, thanks. Btw, are you by any chance Italian?

  2. I did considered myself an ok chess player but I couldn't even understand why black was hopeless at the end

  3. I hope this helps me. I cant even visualize an untouched, complete board

  4. I love this video,i was found it something similar,i would like to be better in visualization.

  5. If I take time in each move (when you say ) , is it okay? or I should not pause when you say the moves?

  6. For extreme beginners I would suggest slowing the video by 0.25x

  7. Great, looking forward to the next videos. Thanks for your investment.

  8. I realized that I can't visualize with real pieces on a real chessboard. Did 2D chess cripple me?

  9. Why would black allow rook x queen in this position anyway? Why not just take the rook with the queen?

  10. Siempre estuve buscando esa técnica de visualizar todo el conjunto. Muchas gracias.

  11. What improved my visualization was to just solve puzzle without pieces on the board and visualizing them on the squares. This drastically improved my visualization skills

  12. Well this chess board doesnt help much, a digital complete flat one would be better for this kind of practice

  13. Bro…ur going some what fast
    …slowly say those 3 moves….because im amateur in chess not in english😅😅

  14. Three moves consist of WBWBWB

    So why on the second set do you only do WBWBW ???

  15. tip#1: change the playback speed to 1.25. Thank me later

  16. I liked it a lot.. nicely presented… Good work. I subscribed your channel just yesterday. I got your first video on Kings Gambit via recommendation… Good channel… Keep it up

  17. high quality post! Great channel, found it through a tip from "Schachpanda".

    I will be happy to pursue this interesting topic!

  18. I saw your website it is too good at low cost than other chess website but one request please make video with the board like as in the youtube in website course also.

  19. Can someone tell Me If We need to do this by looking at the board or like completely in our head by closing our eyes..

  20. Bro i wish u 1M subscribers, getting this kind of content free for learning chess is awesome, I searched for courses but all of them are paid, that's why you are now my teacher 😆

  21. Really good lesson, thank you 🙏🏻 . This is a great way to train your visual working memory (a cognitive ability).

  22. I know the PIECE moves but need for learning.. Can anyone suggest a free app for getting better chess or maybe even a playlist

  23. i am 51 you tink i am on time or not new falower from guadalajara jalisco mexico

  24. No I dont see that position on the board and I never will. By the time you mention the 3rd moves all the moved pieces are invisible to me. Only people with an Aptitude for Visualization can benefit from these exercises. A child who has little aptitude for music will not benefit from music lessons. Or I need to find another teacher whose better than you.

  25. I can visualize when I have my own planned moves but I cant Visualize when someone else like you is giving me moves. You dont need to visualize in the beginning because the 1st 15 opening moves are memorized anyway

  26. Not something I planned of to include in my practice but surely helped me in my tournament. Thanks brother!!

  27. Do you see that position in your mind?


  28. The question in chess visualisation of a move is how do you make the home piece dissapear when its still there and how to apparate it to the destination as the home piece pulls it back.

  29. Pausing video at 3:21 to say — that was too fast. By the time I found white's first position, he was well ahead of me, and after that I only heard the positions called out and couldn't visualise. Too fast. Too fast! I'm a beginner. It's hard to find true beginner videos…

  30. What about imagining the board on the ceiling? Does that help?

  31. Once in Korea, I played a good friend in chess. Once I established a mastery of chess, I turned my back on the board in order how many moves I could track of. Over a month i was able to beat this guy because I was able to visualize better than he was. I felt smarter too.

  32. im gonna back to play chess again into scratch..i dont know the field numerical ..but i know how to move every piece..sometimes i feel lonely when i lose always. 🙁

  33. Oh gosh… you lost me at pawn to e4 😳 I'm clearly not ready for this level of video 😭

  34. Me after first move called out: what game are we playing again??

  35. IM: 8:14 Have you been able to follow along the whole game?
    Me: Hell no!
    IM: Let's continue…
    Me: Huh?

  36. This is like blindfolded bullet chess slow down a little lol

  37. It was difficult to focus but i really enjoyed it…
    😀😀😀 Awesome

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