How to Get Better at CHESS? | Chess Improvement Tips & Training Plan to Increase Your Rating & Win

How to Get Better at Chess & Improve Your Chess Rating Quickly? This is what I am going to answer in this video. I will share chess improvement tips, online tools & resources to practice and improve your game fast. I will give you a systematic training plan to study, learn, play, analyze & practice to take your game to the next level. We will learn tactics, visualization, blunder prevention, solve puzzles to find best moves, intuition training & many more chess exercises. These lessons will help beginners & intermediate players to win more games.
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0:00 How to Get Better at Chess – Introduction
0:34 Chess Improvement Process
0:49 Learning the Basics of Chess
1:20 Where to Play Chess?
1:38 Analyzing Your Game
2:02 Aimchess Concept
2:23 Chess Training & Practice
3:13 Visualization Training
4:53 Advantage Capitalization Training
6:26 Blunder Prevention Practice
6:58 Intuition Training
8:31 Retry Mistakes
8:47 Improve your Openings
8:56 Solve Tactics
9:01 360 degree Training
9:15 Aimchess Review
10:06 Chess Puzzle

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  1. Queen check e5, however black gets out of it discovered check with the F rook and you win the black queen

  2. "Mating Patterns". That's what I needed.

  3. qd5 check, then rd4->d8 opens up a discovered attack from the queen which also comes with check, black has only one move which is to take the rook and lose the queen

  4. Chess Puzzle Ans- first queen to d8 check then black captures with rook, then recapture with rook and thats checkmate

  5. Sir grandmaster banne me kitna kharcha hota hai🙏

  6. Queen to e5,Rook to d8 and Sweetie is gone😂

  7. You brag so much about improving yet you are too afraid to play. On your chess accounts you have 0 games. I bet he just another 1500 big mouth.

  8. Is this website free please reccomend some free websites. Please

  9. I was stuck at 1000 rating in only 3 days I reached 1203

  10. Thanks Chesstalk
    Here is my answer.
    Qe5, Kg8, Pe6×Pf7-check, Now king have 2 options either it should take pawn or move to f8.
    If it takes pawn, then rd7 check, bishop captures rook, then qe5×qc3
    If king decides to move to f8, then qh8 check and now there is no other option black king should capture pawn and then rd7 check, b×r and q×q.
    We can simply take queen directly by placing d4 to f8 but after white queen captures black queen, there is a chance of continuous check starting with rg5 to g7 check with the support of bishop and then rook from f8 joins the party. To avoid this, check with pawn is required. So that bishop moved from it place and rook at c8 will be stopped by it's own pawn at c4. Please let me know whether it is correct.

  11. Sir your promocode is expired and what to do now

  12. Thank you Jeetendra Ji! I was having the same problem. But now, I have a solution, thanks to you!

  13. Thank you very much sir I became a trainer by seeing your videos…..

  14. what is your aim chess passward

  15. Tq chess talk becaz of you I got very much better in chess

  16. First queen to e5 any move he do then rook to d8 and the black queen is gone

  17. The answer to the puzzle is we start with the move Qe5+ then black moves Kg8 then white plays Rd8+ black is forced to take the rook then we capture blacks queen at c3

  18. I want to premium in aimchess but i have account like paypal cause iwant to learn by my self

  19. When I watched this I was a 1600, now I am a 1903 and Candidate Master. Just play a lot and you will surely improve. Good luck to everyone, enjoy playing this wonderful game!

  20. Can you give me tips on how to speak english like you sir

  21. Chess talk. Icant have any advantage. Of. You ialways lose game but. Icant. Win

  22. Good Video! I guess Qe5+ to prepare discovery check to Qc3. Greetings from Germany

  23. Qe5+ Rg7 or Kg8 just play Re8 we get a free queen

  24. Indien English accent its hard to understand

  25. You present and speak very well, in addition of mastery of chess!!

  26. Rook to e3 because there is checkmate threate

  27. Queen d8:

    Reason: if black blocks, queen can go sideways downwards and checkmate, If take by rook, rook can take rook. And check king. later, pawn can trap king in the corner. I will edit this more later.

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