How To Crush White With The Hippo Defence In 4 Minutes

The Hippopotamus defence, also known as the hippo defence, is an indestructible fortress you can construct for yourself to achieve dominance as black in the game of chess. In this video we discuss the strategies associated with this formidable opening, as well as the etymology of its enigmatic name.


  1. My Norwegian chess king… Yeah Magnus you're second

  2. When I feel like giving up that opening, I come back here to watch it and get inspired. Thank you!!!

  3. Pro tip: Use this to win every time in 1 minute bullet

  4. this is just the king's Indian/modern with extra midwittery

  5. Please actually make this wiki article at 1:17, epic. Love the sneaky jokes you have to pause for.

  6. I went from ~700 to ~1100 using LITERALLY just this (going in black or white) in EVERY F GAME. I know zero chess theory, no joke. Best beginners opening ever hahahaha

  7. Would love a video on the Scandinavian defence

  8. Can you do Hikaru’s Hippo-Bongcloud? e3 instead if e4

  9. Why am I always getting roasted from these videos but still manage come back 😅What is this sorcery?

  10. how did I just find this channel. absolutely brilliant, now lets go frustrate (probably lose to) some 1200's

  11. Love the channel, definitely helped to fill a small part of the void in my soulWould love you to consider a well paid, private commission for a product for my business – drop me a line if it might be something you'd be interested in. Cash, not exposure!

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