How To Crush White With The Hippo Defence In 4 Minutes

The Hippopotamus defence, also known as the hippo defence, is an indestructible fortress you can construct for yourself to achieve dominance as black in the game of chess. In this video we discuss the strategies associated with this formidable opening, as well as the etymology of its enigmatic name.


  1. Bro your videos are really entertaining not only the videos where you show how to destroy an opening also the videos where you teach how to play it

  2. Leaving a like before watching because I already know it'll be great.

  3. This will now be my main opening. Thank you for filling my trough with slop ben s chess

  4. He played the H pawn. Please give me the email of Eric

  5. Holy shit another video
    this works everywhere, especially in blitz
    also a video on the nimsowitczh defense would be interesteing

  6. a video on grand prix against sicilian would be cool, or some other gambit like the jerome though idk if theres one as fun as jerome

  7. Another banger. Completely worth stopping working to watch.

  8. No way he actually listened to my suggestion

  9. I asked to teach this opening a year ago in your Danish Gambit video

  10. I like to be reckless, it's good for practicing my feeble tactics skills. I am not worthy and deserve all your disdain, but please show me more gambits!

  11. Would love to see you do the Latvian gambit. Or the Stafford. No way they’re worse than the bongcloud right?

  12. Should make a video for an ultra aggressive gambit repertoire

    Love your vids keep it up!

  13. Just started looking into this opening for an upcoming college tournament. Thanks for the vid, keep up the good work.

  14. A blessing from the lord! We got another video!

  15. The way he just glides over "named after your mother" is so perfect

  16. someone link me Erics linked in I need to file a complaint

  17. I don’t know how this guy is better at teaching opening theory trolling us then 99% of the other YouTubers…

  18. Please do a Reti opening video for us weirdos who don't move the pawn first

  19. Ever since I discovered 4 player chess, a video on it is all I’ve thought about.

  20. Very interesting explanation, but those stock images displayed so quickly that they are flashing before our eyes are effing annoying 🤷‍♂️

  21. hi, found this channel last week and you have to be the funniest chess youtuber ive seen on here. keep it up, and as for a suggestion id love to see you make a carokann video

  22. make a video on the dunst. It's the most bizzare opening with exception of the grob or polish

  23. Secretary Eric? Looks like things are going very well with the channel

  24. Good style of showing a game and i don't fall asleep or doze missing something

  25. I've decided to do the right thing & only learn more about chess from Ben. This will make me a god. If you disagree, that's ok. You're welcome to be wrong.

  26. Ben you asked for video ideas?
    Idk just gimme a opening for white please <3

  27. ben, how many hippos have YOU mounted??? hmm???

  28. Ngl you make me want to learn theory for the first time in my life

  29. I was looking for a better video like this on the hippo a while ago. Nice that youtube remembered and recommended this to me haha

  30. Tried it out, yeah doesn't work unless you want to increase your odds of losing by Hippopotamus proportions … lol 🤣

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