How To Calculate In Chess

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How to calculate in chess. Super important lesson on calculation for beginners, intermediate, advanced players, or checkers professionals.

0:00 Intro
1:03 Beginners Game 1
7:52 Beginners Game 2
12:10 Puzzles
15:39 Intermediate/Advanced
18:48 Advanced Example 2
22:02 Advanced Example 3
24:15 Example 4
27:04 Example 5

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  1. Pattern recognition is so huge. I remember seeing some test where they had a chess board setup and they were showing it for like 1 or 2 second for a GM and for a average Joe and then asked how many pieces and their positions they could remember. If the board was set so it was from an actual game or that it could be from a game the GM would remember like at least half of the positions of the pieces while the average Joe would remember maybe 1 or 2. And then they continued until they were able to get every piece correct and obviously GM were superior in that.

    However, if the board was set up randomly in a such way that it wouldn't happen or even be possible to have such position in real game there was no difference between the GM and the average Joe. It's an interesting test which shows how big thing the patter recognition really is.

  2. WHAT?! I have NEVER even heard of this "checklist"! I'm such a n00b! You go a little fast for me (luckily YouTube allows me to throttle ya down a touch – but only to 0.75, cause 0.5 makes you VERY intoxicated ;0), but VERY full of helpful and interesting education.

    Within the first 20 minutes of this video, your tips will undoubtedly vastly improve my games! I STILL make one-move blunders…

    Thanks as always!

  3. I recently played a game where I calculated a bishop sacrifice to then fork his queen and rook with my knight and open his king defence: opponent did not get hooked, he kept not taking my bishop. I was thinking, maaan how clever is this guy, is he maybe cheating? I end up winning the game 20 moves later, without the sacrifice. I checked the game straightaway……. if he was taking my bishop I could take his queen with mine (i did not notice that) and also if I would have put my knight in the forking position he could have taken it with his bishop. I’m just crap at chess.

  4. in 28:58 why not take the bishop with the night and forcing a fork woth the bishop and a really bad position for white

  5. went from 30% accuracy to 92%, thanks Levy

  6. Those ranking/beginner remarks are nice and all, but I've finally started moving up from 1600/cat3 range, and still found this entire video very instructive. It's as much strength as maturing, to stop being aggressive and know when to stop and ponder.

  7. "You need think about your opponent's plan" – goddamn levy! I am a 600, for, like, last 15 years, quite sure my opponent is a substance abuser. Do we look like men with plan to you?? Fuck, I don't even know what my plan is, or was, how do I know about his!! He himself doesn't have a plan.
    When it comes around 600, we all are in Gotham City, and we are the 🃏🃏

  8. In all my time of playing Chess, this is one of the best videos that I've seen which explains the thought process of higher level Chess players vs beginner level.

  9. This is why I'm an okay chess player instead of a great chess player. That is a lot of mental calculation plotting multiple variations that are 5+ moves. I would never be able to do this on the fly in a timed game. Just casual unlimited time games for me…

  10. In 18:33 could you take the queen to H8 then he would take with bishop h8 then rook h8 mate?
    I wonder if I’m seeing something wrong here

    Btw great video for a 950 like myself – been going up in rank a lot lately with your videos 🙏🏻

  11. 9:33 I saw this in like 3 seconds, and I know it's not that difficult but at least it shows I have my head in the right place

  12. Great respect for Gotham, but an elementary statistical analysis I have carried out shows that I have far greater success just playing moves instinctively than than when I calculate variations. Calculating takes too much time. I just sit there staring at the board, and then suddenly I get the inspiration to play a move. Granted, sometimes it takes very long before the move pops into my head, but mostly not.

  13. Thanks for the video, and great explanation.

  14. 7:02 I don't understand why bishop b4 can't take the pawn on c3….likewise the knight a4 please someone should explain

  15. How soon should you start playing lower time games

  16. Me before watching Gotham : Sad 500, Blunders Family fork

    Me after watching Gotham: Uh…G4, G5, Bg6, Nxe5, Qxg6, Nb6+, Kb3, Na6+, Ka3, Qe2#

  17. 18:33 what about bishop e7 here instead to sac it and collect the black bishop? push the king back and pull the white rook into the foray

  18. Ye, when Hikaru covers whole board with arrows my mind just melts

  19. at 7:16 pawn takes on c4 ,b pawn takes on c4,queen takes knight on a4….. LEVY DIDN'T SPOT THAT???

  20. I just watched this and then played chess, there was an immediate improvement to my game. Thank you.

  21. Thanks Levy for your great videos
    We learn a lot from them🙂🙂

  22. For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord

  23. 8:00 "At 670 there's no such thing as a Sicilian Defense" LOL

  24. That indeed was useful. Let me try some of that now.

  25. The first 8 min improved my chess game massively! Thanks!

  26. Greetings Gotham, been playing for years. I’d submit the thought that most players under 1000 don’t think past two moves. I wonder if I’m in a rut and wondering about lessons. Thanks for the lessons!

  27. Q to H8 check; B x Q; R X B check mate

  28. Lol, watched this video and felt myself stupid

  29. if you calc in yer mind bit by bit as the games goes by, it's not as daunting then, otherwise you'll get lost with all the possible combos

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