How to Calculate | Chess Middlegame Strategy

Let’s walk through the thought process for PRACTICAL calculation in a chess game. Come up with a plan, look for forcing moves, and find the idea that wins or gives you an easy position to play. Don’t forget to visualize one move further!

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00:00 – Intro
00:21 – Example 1
02:14 – Example 2
05:50 – Example 3
10:26 – Puzzle 1
13:27 – Puzzle 2
16:56 – Thanks for watching

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  1. 8:00 maybe that's working, or maybe not? What about white's dark square bishop to f4. Queen is kinda itchy boots there.

  2. You are a very good teacher thanks for the video

  3. This video is a true gem for chess enthusiasts! The quality, content, and Kamryn's passion shines through. 🌟👏BRILLIANCY! It's evident that you're not just teaching but sharing your love for the game, and that chess-themed shirt is the cherry on top! Thanks for the valuable insights and the thoughtful approach to chess calculations. 🤓♟️ #ChessExcellence #PassionForChess #ChessMeditation

  4. 6:51 would queen g5 also work due to forking the king and the knight?

  5. This is hands down the best explanation of middlegame calculation and planning I've ever heard. This helps me as both a player and a coach!

  6. At 8:10, surely Qe5 has the major drawback that White can play Bf4. Then Black has to put the Q on the same line as the R on f1, which is asking for trouble – discovered attack. Can't see an instant win for White but it looks pretty dangerous. Likewise at 8:40, Bh6 is threatening Rxf6+ Nxf6 Qg5+ Kh8 Qg7#. If Qe5, then Nf2, though non-forcing, looks strong with the threat of Ng4 next move. If Qd8 instead, then Qf4 threatens Qg3. The problem with Bxf6 was that it left the passive Knight stuck on d7. Black would like to play Nf8-g6 but that unguards the Bishop on f6. Looks an ugly position to defend, presumably arising from the French Defence judging from the position of the Knight on d7. Black may have left their counterplay a bit late?

  7. Once again – an amazingly helpful video. I’m relatively new to chess – playing for a year or so and wandering in the YouTube wilderness. It is hard to find content that provides help for middle level players and also helps beginners. You have taken the ‘Calculate’ concept out of thinking about points and helped me really understand how to use it thoughtfully in a game. Also great to see how calculating and check, capture, threat AND calculate are actually applied in thinking through each move. Thanks for your work.

  8. Nice clear explanation. I really enjoy this type of content, thanks.

  9. Am i missing something, mate in 2? Qb7 then Qc7?

  10. Nice to watch your thought process through these puzzles, thank you

  11. That was a very useful video! Really liked to see your thought process! Keep up the great work!

  12. Thank you so much for clear concise explanations.

  13. This was super helpful to hear you thought process on the puzzles especially. I also really appreciated that you used an example that included positional calculation – something I'm still working on. I really appreciate that you chose to teach what you know. I find much of it helpful myself and it's been great to have clear videos to send to friends who want to get better as well. I hope you keep teaching. A lot of this stuff is glossed over on other channels and I really appreciate your attention to detail.

  14. Thanks for another super useful video!How do you balance calculation with time management in your 10 minute games?

  15. My favorite chess channel, thank you for yet another great video❤️

  16. You don't need much if any calculation. Again, use Silmans books. You just have to place the pieces in the right spot.

  17. Your videos really are the best. Really, really instructive stuff.

  18. Please continue like this. Your videos are great!

  19. Great video! If we do not calculate, we play "a hope chess". We just hope it will go well. 😀

  20. Your videos provide valuable insights and are truly impactful for viewers. Seeing the information presented in action through videos reinforces the ideas effectively. Thank you for your helpful content.

  21. This is an excellent topic. Some things might be subconsciously obvious, like yes we must calculate in order to solve a puzzle, and we know the fact that a puzzle must reach a successful result of a checkmate or material gain, but somehow, putting all of this in perspective and discussing it out loud, simply and directly, is an unbelievably beneficial. It’s like yeah I know that but somehow it becomes much clearer to see and much easier to grasp. It’s like collecting fragmented knowledge and making a solid easy to address subject out of it. Man, I feel like I have a long detailed form, filled to the last field, waiting to completion, and now I’ve finally clicked the big green button at the end of it hehe.
    Now I have much more appreciation to puzzle training sessions, now it’s not just tactics, it’s a training session on calculation, imagination, and board vision. Now I can clearly say that I’m not going to move a piece unless I see the solution up to the very end. Thank you🎉

  22. I'm about to play a school tournament and if I win I will be undefeated. Do you have any advice because I am really nervous?

  23. Okay I'm calling it! We have a new Internet chess teacher. I'm manifesting you to 4m subs!!. Also cool T

  24. Is your account name available anywhere so we can analyse the games in your archive? In Settings -> Privacy you can limit message/challenge/friend requests to only people you know if you were worried about tons of notifications.

  25. Really don't wanna be mean, but 2000 online rapid rating isn't good enough to teach chess. That's like 1700 OTB. It's not bad, but far from expert level.
    Take a look at Hanging pawns youtube channel. He started out when he was about 2000 rapid a few years ago. But his channel is more about his own journey, where he records and analyzes online training games and his OTB tournament games, as well as videos about theory. I think, you might have better chance to grow your channel, if you treat it as a chess journey vlog, rather than trying to teach chess. You could also analyze Grandmaster games.
    Like I said, really don't wanna be mean, just give some advice. I started playing chess at age of 30, I also got to 2000 rapid in 2 years. Only difference is, I didn't train, never did tactics, didn't study endgames. So, it's not that hard, if you have some talent, but I would never think, that I am good enough to teach chess to others, even though I am now 2100+ (without any training routine). Hanging pawns had some success with his channel and honestly, you seem more likeable than him, so it could also work great for you. Just my two cents. Maybe I'm wrong, who knows.
    Wishing you all the best

  26. Another educational channel and useful, impressive

  27. Great instructional videos. Keep this kind of content going! 😊

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