How I Became a Chess Grandmaster

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  1. Gotham is soooo under gm level. Just look at him and any other gm. He makes way more questionable plays

  2. Suppose Levy would have said He sacrifised his ROKKKKKKKKKKKK IN his way🗿🗿🗿
    His ears would have no sensation after that ✌🗿

  3. Nice! Should we all try it out too, just replacing "Grandmaster" with "Stockfish", if we don't know one?

  4. The vibrating butt plug is a much more fool proof way of cheating in chess

  5. "i became a grandmaster"
    "with help of levy – an international master"

  6. Gotham chess is an IM? Never gonna be a GM either 😑

  7. "and with these headphone"
    Proceed to point to an airpod

  8. You know levy isn't even a grandmaster?

  9. Correction: beat him like an International Master

  10. Bro that kid was playing chess right after he was born😂😂😂

  11. bro how i was watching gothamchess short and i scroll and i see this

  12. Jokes on you levy is never gonna be a grandmaster

  13. You have two choices:

    Red pill: Learning Japanese in 12 years


    Blue pill: Become a chess grandmaster in 12 years

  14. Gotham isn't even a Grandmaster 😅😅

  15. I was cracking up when Levy said comeback mothaf*ckers

  16. Levy is a very good coach but not a good player.

  17. ludwig hires a IM (international master) to be GM (grandmaster)

  18. The Halo music is what made me subscribe to you. Very awesome touch. I’m obsessed with Halo

  19. Wait, you need requirements gotham doesn’t have, how can you be a grandmaster?

  20. You'd think a mf named Ludwig would be good at chess

  21. Who is gonna break the news to him that gothom chess is not a gm

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