How grandmasters study chess openings

This week we gave some very lucky members of the community a chance to try out our new Classroom feature with the one and only GM Fabiano Caruana!

Watch the full lesson:

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  1. Pragg just played it yesterday(6 apr 2024) in candidates and he wonEveryone was surprised but i had already seen this video

  2. A powerful technique all the top memory competitors use is called memory palace.

    This technique is well suited for memorizing all the specific move orders but like they mentioned the strategic understanding comes separate.

    Realizing memorizing moves and understanding openings aren’t mutually exclusive is a big step. Many just love the dogma “learn your openings don’t memorize them” when in fact both skills are separately valuable.

  3. Tani typing in chat that he has school is so funny for some reason

  4. Bro who are these 1000s getting coached by Fabi 😭

  5. This was fascinating and enlightening. Thank you for this.

  6. "we don't remember half of it and the other half we don't understand" !! – I love that – coming from this all time great player

  7. This conversation is enlightening. I kinda paused on systems like London, Colle, KIA, KID, etc. I sometimes instinctively move to a certain square without even analyzing the board. Understanding the "why" is a really good advice, I stepped back a bit and I just play fundamentally sound chess, not concentrating on the opening and their lines. I actually find it a bit liberating.

  8. As a nobody whos just starting up the why seems important because the opposing team isn't going to always play what's predicted and being strictly analytical is almost trapping yourself if you understand as the opposing force that someone is playing the tactic and not the board and that whites winning because the access to the queen opens up earlier even if it's not played till midgame having that backup can be crucial and if black wanted to open up their queen after a board like this advancing the pawns in this fashion risks breaking up the structure and that a passive attack on the center followed by a flank would be better to otherwise avoid the direct attack but that being said im a nobody trying to learn what I can it can also ve noted that playing the person can also be a good thing something i know is a good thing and yet have extensive trouble bringing to the board

  9. I thinks it's important to study an opening along with its respective middle game ideas. For example, when I play Queen's Gambit declined, when playing horse to e2, the usual play to go in the middle is to push your e pawn. And to do it, you need several set up moves. But let's say you want to go for a minority attack on the left side, then you have to set up by putting your rook in b1 to then push your pawns and obliterate blacks pawn structure. The openings are set ups for your middle game.

  10. It's all fun during e4 because of space and Nf3 because of development until you sac rook for bishop to buy time for the king to run.

  11. I like the chat conversation when Tani says he has school haha

  12. Wise words! Thanks. 🙏🙏🙏💖💖💖

  13. Hi i am a chess beginner can u pls give me advice on how to really master chess

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