How far can a chess grandmaster calculate? 🤔

During a 2013 chess interview, Vishwanathan Anand revealed a clear pattern in how far a chess grandmaster can visualise the position. Learn and enjoy.
Credit:- PBS Hawaiʻi
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Credit:- PBS Hawaiʻi
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  1. Chess doesn't fall, far from the three..

  2. The best story I have ever heard about Anand or chess players in general is when a person who didn't know Anand said to him that it's useless to take up chess as a profession, unless you can play like Anand!?🤯😂👍

  3. Straight tree : openings and end games
    Dense tree : mid game

    Ps : The GM has already analysed thousands of games based on which he knows that in so and so opening such move has to be played or else it's an immediate advantage, even in the end games it's either this or draw or lose…. what's most challenging is the "dense tree" in the mid game which has multiple lines and possibilities !!

  4. He calculates 50 to 60 moves ahead… When I play chess, i think for some 10 minutes and ask my opponent, "Is it your move or mine?"

  5. And me waiting 5 minutes while playing and later asking whose turn is now

  6. You know what! I just don't think of any move, I play and i lose mostly, But I win sometimes when the opponent is even worse than me in choosing bad moves😂

  7. Duh I can calculate my 70 next game and their result so what ?

  8. 70 moves ahead. I’m 2 maybe 3 max if I’m lucky and I’ve been playing for a year. That’s why I’m stuck at 900 though

  9. He was 18 and become a GM what about you yes you

  10. 2 moves for me
    but one is shit and the other is a blunder.

  11. As a mathematician, the problem is not easy. Mathematically , If all pieces are available and all of them have leagal moves. Then if you consider all possible moves and lets say each piece has an average of 8 possible moves (some pieces have like possibilities and others have one possibilty). That mkes them 16×8 = 128 moves. Then your opponent has 128 possible choices. If you consider only 3 steps ahead for you then you would think of the 3 moves of your opponent too that makes them 128⁶ = 2^42 moves ≈ 4.4 trillion moves . So that makes the problem have an astronomical number of possibilities already and we are only talking about 3 moves. Off course the computer can think much further than this and the CPU can deal much more complicated operations but that is beyond the ability of the human brain.

  12. man described Data structures and DFS, BFS.

  13. Me:
    Move e4 and say 'it eez what it eez'

  14. Just show her Nacka playing speedchess, and this guy is way better in classical.

  15. Like the mini max algorithm you only need to be able to figure out the best and worst move from each position and branch from there

  16. I calculate 2 or 3 and that too wrong blundering my queen

  17. I think 50 -70 moves is an exaggeration
    Maybe he want to say 15-17 moves

    I mean Bobby fischer and he is a legend he said that he calculate 20 moves when there is a forced moves.

  18. Depends on the position is exactly what my gf says at times

  19. I only know to defend if only it can be defend

  20. World champion: predicts 30 moves ahead this man: 70 moves ahead

  21. I still remember when has only a young chess prodigy… Today he is just a legend of chess.

  22. Now i will have to think like a tree just to understand his statement. 😵‍💫

  23. Me using calculator to verify 1+1 =3

  24. Some of us won't even understand the context of tree here and he said he could think of 60 moves ahead.

  25. 😢I don't think I just move and hope hope for best

  26. Vishy: Oh yes I can easily calculate 50-70 moves if there are just a few branches.
    Meanwhile me: If I move this bishop, I can attack this completely defended pawn.

  27. This is why Hikaru is an interesting chess player, he often deviates from the standard line to encourage more thinking on the feet. This works very well in speed chess.

  28. Bro just casually explained BFS DFS algorithms 😌

  29. People that are good at chess don't really see "moves ahead" like someone who doesn't have experience would.
    It's more pattern recognition and knowing what moves are possible currently.
    In my opinion planning any further than 2 moves ahead is a waste of energy.
    Knowing what moves are possible is far more important than narrowing your plan to a specific guideline..
    It's still technically seeing ahead but not planning ahead if that makes sense.
    If what you saw is still available when its time to make the move then you act, but don't "plan" the moves or you could miss other opportunities or not properly defend.

  30. 50 70 moves meanwhile he take and i takea ooo we are equal in material lucky me

  31. I play bullet chess a lot as a beginner because i am good at calculating 3-3 moves easily in "bullet mid game". Most beginners in Bullet chess are trash and i take advantage of my agressive and little calculated moves to dominate. 😅

  32. Anand Sir – 50 to 70 moves ahead.
    Me – whose games are finished in 30-40 moves only.😂

  33. ohh i am a genius man i can calculate the worst possible move from all these branches its help me to understand edges cases 😏😏

  34. Not all players are as linear as Anand. Magnus Carlsen can handle 10 games, simultaneously (blindfolded), so it is suggests that parallels processing does take place in top chess players.

  35. He already knows what I'm gonna eat for breakfast next Tuesday.

  36. 50 to 70 moves 😂

    Most I can do is 10 to 12, But that’s with positions I’m familiar with, 10 minutes or more, and a good breakfast in the morning.

    So without those things met I can only calculate like 3 moves ahead, of course sometimes more than 3, but certainly not 70.

  37. I am going to use that exact analogy whenever I get asked that. Love Vishy for his wisdom!

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