How Chess Grandmasters Practice (Ep 3)

Grandmaster Level Puzzle Solving.

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0:00 Intro
0:32 Exercise 1
8:08 Exercise 2
15:25 Exercise 3
20:42 Exercise 4
26:20 Exercise 5
30:38 FINAL

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  1. 8:50 "ok, so what's wrong with Rg1? LEVY THERE'S A QUEEN LOOKING AT THAT SQUARE

  2. Exercise 2: Queen e1 check king moves to d8 then queen to h4 whatever the opponent moves white has a disgusting move which is rook to g8 giving a check with the queen and winning a rook

  3. Nobody:
    Absolutely nobody:
    Me:Rook 9i Rook 9i wth is that move

  4. 13:53 what about Rxh5, removing the defender of the f6 pawn? Rxh5 Rxh5 Qxf6 looks really scarry, ngl.

  5. Love this video. Thanks for showing us your training

  6. I like watching these exercises but I doubt your spending proper time actually trying to solve them

  7. I should prolly train to become a 2200 chess hustler who relies on making tal moves all the time rather than a real gm

  8. i think it would be realy interessting if you would take a strong GM and show him the same puzzles to compare if he could actually see it in a few minutes

  9. For everyone new here: This is Episode 3 of the series.

  10. please label this series (ep1, ep2, etc)

  11. The best thing about chess puzzles are how ridiculous the answers are (:

  12. You have a good teacher. Those were excellent high level puzzles.

  13. There is a fair amount of both echo and static, I know he just moved but some foam panels would improve both, you can get it on amazon for a reasonable price

  14. casually watching gotham slowly descend into madness

  15. Levy, whenever you feel frustrated, just know that all of us have your back and we are there for you.

  16. wishing you the best on your journey. You deserve to be a GM and more. Cheers!

  17. His coach is Wojciech Moranda. Had to look it up because that spelling was not easy.

  18. Chess is crap, computers are dumb, I quit. This was fun though. 🤣

  19. You just jump straight into calculating, more or less on each puzzle. I think you should read the position.

  20. Keep the head up Levy! These puzzles were hard. I definitely saw moves I thought were good continuations and the computer spit on me and kicked me to the curb

  21. Loved it! Don’t stop doing this Levy, it’s great content!

  22. I’m now torn between two favourite series: win at chess or this. Excellent content, thanks!

  23. Those were some ridiculous posisionts i was staring at them for quite a long time and didnt come up with anything, props for Levy that he find some good ideas. Levy for GM!

  24. Thanks for sharing and keen to see more puzzle videos! The thinking behind the moves is very insightful and makes for a fun learning experience.

  25. I am so glad you are struggling because I don’t feel so alone!! Thanks for this content. Nobody shows actually how to train and improve their game. I appreciate this so much

  26. k, for real though, in puzzle 2 i totally called Bd7. 😀

  27. I'm Curious Levy, how long did you spend on these? the video was 37 minutes but there were some edits. I can't imagine staring at only 6 positions for 37 minutes, but felt like you spent even longer than that.

  28. Hey levy, please make a video on TIGRAN PETROSIAN's games

  29. Sure, it's entertaining to see Hikaru blitz out 1 puzzle per second. But this is 1000x more educational – and also just refreshing, to see uncertainty from such a great player as Levy.

  30. You will not improve if you still don’t understand that having the right answer is not the goal, process thinking is the goal of these exercises. That’s a spirit of a GM though, it’s not for everyone… good luck

  31. why does that thumbnail remind me of cube the movie

  32. I'm glad I saw Rd2 before Levy on the first puzzle, because I've only been playing chess for 2 months x)
    I'm already so passionate about chess thanks to you ghotham, I hope to continue playing forever and become as good than you 😉
    Love your content ♥️

  33. When qh6 why doesn't Levy have a back rank check mate when white moved their knight. I'm missing something I know and he instead forces a queen trade. It's driving me nuts. I'm probably just tired but I don't get it

  34. 26:59 "And second of all, after Rb8 I hang a rook in one move"
    Then proceeds to say "So this is what happens after an hour of puzzle solving, the brain sort of melts."
    I guess he is right, because after the 'hanging' rook, opponent hangs a checkmate

  35. Alright, I think puzzle 2 is Qe1+ Kd8, Rb5 Bb5, cxb5 Re8, Qh4+ Kc8, Qc4+ Kb7, Bg2… and possibly unstoppable mate? I genuinely don't know, I haven't seen the answer, im just writing this down as a thought process

  36. I know this is old, but what sources did you use to find this level of puzzles? Don't get me wrong, they're far above me as I'm only ~2000 USCF, but I want to get to master so I imagine I need to study similar things?

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