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  1. Serious question. Why do people cheat in chess?

  2. 59:30 "he's like: do I have the time to go back and put it in the engine" Lmaooo best line

  3. I am a novice player, playing a computer board, and the computer sidestepped my pawn, and claims to have taken the Paw behind it what's up with that

  4. Here we go again… Nelson not winning equals rice cooker. You get angry about the opponent thinking in the endgame, because with your terrible time management you didn't leave yourself any time to think. Next time just play better and faster.

  5. I love how Nelson says “our” opponent…as if I contributed anything to the Chess Vibes team.

  6. Why didn't he take the trap on your queen in the corner?

  7. 44:10 the exact moment Nelson gets suspicious of his opponent lol

  8. I'm really sorry I missed this when it was live.

  9. Man the first game is just great, fantastic, and awesome, thank you Nelson

  10. Yes a clear cheater. Well done on beating him Nelson 😊

  11. I have notifications on, I went back and checked. I did not get a notification for this.

  12. What makes you think he’s cheating? He had plenty of time to think about his moves while you were thinking about yours.

  13. I love the videos by Nelsi and have learned quite a lot.
    I felt that in the first game, he deliberately stretched it so that we watch the game till the very end and he gets the longer viewing time.
    Although this is in his interest and no harm in doing so. 😅

  14. Awesome vid
    Someone shld make a trolling engine
    That randomly gives worst moves
    Would be super funny

  15. Is it true that YouTube only sends 3 notifications per day per channel? Maybe that's why people weren't notified about this one?

  16. You’ve lost the game to this guy yesterday 🙂

  17. Beating a cheater is a win. Learning is a win. Great episode here!

  18. I figured he was cheating at the beginning when all his moves took like 8-10 seconds, then I was just waiting for you to bring it up lol

  19. You are the best chess channel. I love the way to talk it out and your character is genuine

  20. Why's the black bishop on white remains glued?

  21. Good concept with longer games. I was getting nervous for Nelsons time management, myself as an intermediate player I leave a lot of time for me for possible complications at the end. So upsetting with so many cheaters out there 😡Incredible play by Nelson, so instructive, many thanks! 🐬

  22. 0:01: 🔍 The video is about playing high-level chess training games while explaining thought process and inviting questions from viewers.
    8:01: 🎮 The streamer discusses their moves and experiences technical difficulties with notifications on YouTube.
    17:04: 🤔 The speaker discusses their thought process while playing a game of chess, considering unusual moves and potential traps.
    28:02: ⚔️ The player discusses their strategic moves and considerations during a chess game, focusing on controlling the board and maintaining a solid position.
    38:25: 🎮 The video is a commentary on a game strategy, with the speaker discussing their next moves and potential outcomes.
    53:51: 🕵️ The speaker suspects their opponent of cheating in a chess game and strategizes accordingly.
    1:06:57: ⏳ A chess game analysis where one player fails to realize a Discover check and the pass Pawn is hard to stop.
    1:16:15: 🔔 Many viewers did not receive notifications for the stream, leading the content creator to consider alternative platforms.
    1:23:34: 📺 The speaker discusses their preferred chess opening and asks for advice on streaming on Twitch.
    1:33:55: ⏲️ Players can choose to sit or stand during over the board tournaments, with standing allowing for a different perspective on the game.
    1:43:36: ⚔️ The video is about a person strategizing and making moves in a game, while discussing their thought process.
    1:53:11: 🎮 The player reflects on their mistakes and acknowledges their opponent's good play in a chess game.
    2:02:26: ⚔️ The video discusses the strategic implications of taking a piece with check in a chess game.
    Recapped using TammyAI

  23. I didn't even know you did live streaming for youtube – I've only been watching your openings videos before.

  24. davis turn into 2200 to 1100 😵😵

  25. Please create a playlist for these training s

  26. I've heard that streaming on youtube can negatively impact your regular videos, something to do with the way the algorythm sees your traffic on the streams vs regular videos. I don't know the details (not a streamer myself) but something to look into. I think the idea is that your best bet is to stream exclusively on twitch then upload highlights to youtube.

  27. You have no proof that guy was cheating. If he were cheating, he would have beat you. Plus, you showed his profile earlier and his account survived since 2020.

  28. Bro it's really a satisfaction watching the first game 😂😂😂

  29. He wasn’t cheating. I’m sure he was just trying to fix his rice cooker.

  30. This was brilliant, well done Nelson, so entertaining. Beating a cheater is the best

  31. So you think your opponent put a dead drawn endgame with opposite-colored bishops and an equal number of pawns into an engine, and LOST?? C'mon Nelson, I like your content but that's ridiculous.

  32. Back to the the rice 😂💯💯

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