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  1. i dont play alot of chess but why didnt black queen f3 and bishop g4

  2. Honestly Gothamchess is the most fun chess commentator

  3. Who also thinks that he sac his 4 times only😅

  4. Then there's me who doesn't even use the queen and still panics about it being in danger…

  5. Magnus🐐 Hikaru master of winning with queen sacrifice♟️

  6. What happens if you didn’t really see The queen was in danger

  7. the only thing that can danger level a queen, a checkmate threat

  8. "He can't keep getting away with this" Blud thinks he's Jesse Pinkman💀💀

  9. hey, hes lucky. atleast he doesnt know what a skibidi toilet or a covid-19 is

  10. Hikaru sacrifices a woman six times and everyone calls him brilliant. I sacrifice a woman six times and I'm called an insane, psychopathic cultist.

  11. Is it me or he just sounded like "SHE SAID SHE WAS TWELVE"

  12. Its amazing that he saw all of this before he decided to sac his queen the first time

  13. But how did the g3 pawn vanish like a fart in the wind?

  14. Not sacrificed. Hanged. For nothing was lost

  15. Hikaru really had issues with the queen
    Bro just wanted her dead

  16. White:- pawn to h3 saved from every checkmate ,😂

  17. Why does the first checkmate pawn fucking disappears

  18. Too bad he had to do a loop, but at least it wasn't as lazy as many one or two word loops I've seen. "And that's how…" Or "which is why…" Are words that make my blood boil at the end of a video.

  19. "A winning strategy sometimes necessitates sacrifice."

  20. Oh so when nikaru or whatever his name is does it, it’s a sacrifice, but when I do it, it’s a blunder

  21. It's weird to see levi calling hikaru so respectfully, grandmaster hikaru nakamura

  22. Can you now just take the piece heck mating in most of them?

  23. where did the pawn on g3 vanish after the first time😊

  24. whats the point of white not taking the bishop ?

  25. Cant the king take if it is checked? Plz tell me i am confused

  26. when a grandmaster sacrifice queen then you should sac game😂

  27. Bro, you want to me to watch this video for infinite times😂

  28. But rook at starting is o f7 and after is g7

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