Gain 500 Chess Elo in 30 Minutes

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  1. For anyone who cares in my last game I promoted to a knight which was checkmate 🤌

  2. “You lose every game you resign” – Andrew Toft ~ GothamChess

  3. Yes please on a 1500 Elo vs 2000 Elo sequel to this video. I'm currently 1700s and would like to get help on what I'm still missing in order to break the 2000 Elo barrier.

  4. You made chess fun again for me. Thankyou Gotham.

  5. Hey Levy, I’ve learned a lot from you already and I really like your videos, this is not hate at all😂 but can you please make sure your picture matches the square, there’s a small line on the left side that’s bothering me😂😂

  6. Why do you lie? if I gain 500 elo i would be 2900, and that's not happening

  7. Make more episodes like this please for us 500elo

  8. 1. How is magnus 1000
    2. How is gotham 1500

  9. the title is PERFECT, thank you levy ive watched this 10 times and im now 5000 rated

  10. the play till mate rule has got me so many draws and sometimes even wins its a joke😂

  11. Been playing for 5 days and I cant even get to 300 lmao

  12. Levy that thumbnail makes no sense

    Edit: no it makes complete sense having finished the video

  13. Definitely would like to see a video of 1500-2000.

  14. I gained 300 (900 to 1200) elo by winning 23 (actually 22, one of them was a draw but it gave me 1 point xD) games in a row.

    And that's it, i just wanted to flex about it

  15. Great content but can someone tell me if the color of the vid is changing or is it just my device

  16. To avoid fried liver I play h6😅

  17. I beat my 1300 uncle as a 300 but Fr he went easy on me a few times but 1 time I sacked my queen for mate in 2, he taught me chess and I love him

  18. i was cheated 29 seconds out the 30 minutes promised, i will never increase 500 elo now 🙁

  19. I’m 1200 and I’m just stuck…any tips my seniors??

  20. Thanks levy you really helped me
    I understood this video and from 1200 I reached to 1300
    Once again thanks you are best internet teacher in the world

  21. I love this format, it would be great to see the difference between 2000-2500 (I'm 900)

  22. 00:00 Learn how to improve your chess game

    03:53 Bad decision making leads to a crazy game

    07:39 A game of chess analyzed move by move

    11:27 Black wins by controlling the game and taking advantage of white's mistakes

    15:12 Trading Queens is not the best move

    18:43 Black missed winning chances and drew the game

    22:22 Analyzing a 1500 level game

    00:57 Black wins by making smart decisions and capitalizing on opponent's mistakes.

  23. Truly one of the most useful videos of all time I reached 600 from 1100 with the help of this video, Thank you Levy.

  24. love how he thinks he's the best even after being bullied

  25. im 400, cant move forward. i guess i just suck man

  26. what should 1500 do to get to 2000?
    it will be great video 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉

  27. Maybe you should do a 500 to 1000 comparison. Considering that most of your audience is beginners, i think it would be a good idea.

  28. The first game was disgusting. Coming from a 600 elo player who started playing chess three weeks ago

  29. Watching gothamchess got me to 1900 ✨️✨️i used to be 2100 earlier

  30. I can’t believe I got 70 more elo in 18 minutes after watching 7 minutes of this video.

    …. oh, right. I also lost 80 more elo in 10 minutes because I got really excited.

  31. Magnus needs to really watch this video

  32. Am I the only one who thinks his comments about the bad mistakes are hilarious?

  33. Magnus seeing the title 🗿
    Magnus than beating stockfish 🗿

  34. 30min= 500elo
    1min =500÷30
    So I will watch 1min of this video and I will gain +16.67elo

    Fun fact : I gained+10elo

  35. I went to a otb club today and beat a 900 as a 600, I think dude just let his guard down

  36. After watching this video my rating increased by 110 1547 to 1657

  37. I am 1350 blitz on lichess ,1400bullet and 1900on puzzles
    I play London for white and caro can for e4 and semi slov for d4
    I also know viana ponziani scotch queen ‘s gambit and a little king ‘s Indian
    Is these good for me

  38. Is there a 2000 vs 2500? I feel like that would be really helpful for more advanced players

  39. I'm so glad I finally reached 500 elo, thank you Gotham!

  40. I am 1061 and i dont play like this!!!
    I play much better than this and my opponent too

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