Full Guide To Chess Notation – OTB Tournament Chess Notation Tips

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  1. Perfect video for me as a beginner. Thank you.

  2. Thank you for this, helpful guide for anybody who's starting their first OTB tournament like I am in one week!

  3. I like you. Nice video. New fan here.I like pure chess content please.

  4. can't wait to not study this lmao I'm willfully ignorant

    edit: 0:00 honestly my man had me at "What's the point?" right in the beginning

  5. Beautiful spreadsheet of all-possible-videos. All Youtubers might learn from this.

  6. how can a position be notated using a string of letters and numbers? or maybe in some other text base format?

  7. I think it also helps to memorize while playing online to say the move you are making outload

  8. If checkmate is #, what is stalemate?

  9. Wow, what a story… Kids will be kids, I guess. This is a very good notation refresher video!

  10. Hey! I have my first otb classical chess tournament in 4 days. I was just looking for notation guide. Here is all I needed!

  11. Very helpful!

    Someone playing my teammate in this scholastic tournament fabricated a checkmate, even though he lost. How was this disproven? My teammate NOTATED the game. gg. Scholastic tournaments are the worst. I thank God sometimes that I got into chess at 12-13, when most of my peers have matured by then 🀣

  12. Once you give away your notation paper do you get it back?

  13. I try (friendly game), but it can put me off my game.
    Either that or I'll attempt to replay at home and see that I made a mistake πŸ™‚
    It's just more practice needed, like any other skill.

  14. Obviously you said you should never stop notating in case of cheating/proof of victory or draws, but what about when you get low on time and need to move quickly? Do you stop notating altogether or do you compromise and only notate if you get a chance to?

  15. You look like you're losing weight Nelson. Hope you're doing well man. I feel like a lot of people would say "good for you" (not saying I thought you were overweight at all) but I immediately go to worried. Love your shit bud, just hope you're ok man.

  16. Played in tournaments when I was at school years and years ago. (We didn’t do OTB)

    What do you think about takebacks (just played a person online)

    Early in the game, person wanted/asked for a takeback.

    Being the kind and decent person I am.
    Accepted the takeback.

    Then later on in the game (going to put my hands up) done a stupid move. Asked for a takeback. And it was declined.

    Made me more determined to beat the person. Person took a piece in the end.

    But I won the game, felt like saying serves you right.

  17. This video taught everything I needed, I now can even play chess on my head now, your powerpoint was very simple and nice

  18. Gonna be taking part in OTB tournaments soon. Very useful guide, was afraid if I was gonna find a good video about notation and you made one! Nice timing, excellent video!

  19. Nelson, I purchased the blueprint, but got only the receipt. How do I get the sheet itself?

  20. If you get into time trouble and your opponent is moving quickly so you don't have time to write the moves down, at least mark the move with a dash so you know how many moves you have made. Then when you reach the control go back and wrote the moves in.

  21. Thanks! It was great to see this. In my youth, I played in a lot of OTB tournaments and will again someday. I have a question though. I used to write my move down first before I made my actual move. It gave me a nice rhythm and helped me to not forget. It had an added bonus to slow me down and sometimes I found a better move or found a flaw so would scribble it out and make another move. My question is: Do you have to make your move first and then write it down? or can you just write it down first and then make the move? It is an important distinction and I know you played in a recent tournament and might be able to answer it. Thanks so much for all that you do!

  22. 9:17 Thanks for showing a notation sheet. Do those who run tournaments supply large-print sheets, for people whose eyesight isn't so good?

  23. 8:27 I know you know the correct symbol, and you put the correct symbol in the video. I'm just saying this for anyone who got confused by what you said. That's not a pound symbol, that's a hash. (Or number sign, for Americans, I think?)

  24. Thanks for this, I have my 2nd ever over the board game next week and it is the first time where they actually want us to do notation.

  25. Well, your little story raises a question: how do you notate an illegal move? And what happens when – inevitably – someone goes to put it in a chess database somewhere, and the computer won’t let them enter the (illegal) move? For example, in a major tourney?

  26. Also, you forgot to mention the notation for en passant. And is there a notation for stalemate? Or a win by opponent’s resignation? Or a win by (opponent’s) loss by running out of time?

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