EVERY Opening Chess Move Ranked

Whether you’re a beginner at chess or a pro, understanding the various opening moves can give you an edge in your game. From the classic e4 to the more unconventional b4! WGM Keti Tsatsalashvili breaks down exactly where your FAVORITE opening move is ranked!

Learn more about ALL the openings here:

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  1. i'm concerned for your plant. do you just put it there for filming? cause there's no way it gets enough light there lol

  2. This was a good video except how you kept transposing all the positions into some kind of l*ndon system 🤢. Isn't this supposed to be a family channel?

  3. Lets be honest. We watched this vid cuz Keti is the commenantor in this vid.

    I wouldve scrolled right past it if it wasnt her.

  4. >worst move: f3

    Ben Finegold approves this video

  5. Best opening is Bongcloud ofc. No questions asked with the e4, Ke2 setup

  6. According to stockfish worst opening move is 1. g4 by far

  7. Teach f3 to kids and it'll make them love chess a lot!!!

  8. Madloba keti nice video 👍 very educational

  9. Rule number 1 there is no wrong move in chess.

  10. The Cow opening and my opening is missing. 😗😄

    Maybe we will see that included in the future.

  11. Scandinavian defence erasure. John Bartholomew in pieces.

  12. D2-D4, Queen's pawn opening, was the opening for the first game that I won in chess. It was against my first chess computer back in 1983. I still tried it at time but have gone back more commonly to E2-E4, Kings Pawn opening.

  13. Very beauty host, she was on World championship too. This was very educational actually

  14. She really put the Polish opening above the Bird? WTF?

  15. Pretty sure you pronounced "Krujs" correctly but I think "Van't" is pronounced like "Vannt" or "Wannt" (rhymes with plant)

  16. Just mate or win anyhow😂, that's the best feeling, because playing step by step and losing on time or by checkmate hurts gravely.

  17. it did seem as she doesent like modern approaches to much for black xDD

  18. Hearing that pronunciation was amazing lol
    No or very few English words contain the 'ui' sound like in Dutch, making it difficult for many to pronounce correctly
    Apart form that one it was a very accurate pronunciation though

  19. Summary was generated by Summatim, let us know if there are any inaccuracies! 🤖

    0:24: Possible first moves in chess
    0:36: Basic rules in chess
    1:07: Category 1: Never do this
    2:17: Category 2: Knights making a wrong turn
    3:31: Category 3: Pass move
    4:02: Category 4: Mouse slips
    6:08: Category 5: Maybe don't
    9:03: Category 6: Good moves
    10:44: Category 7: Best moves

  20. Mathematically, 1.g4 should be the worst first move although vs. humans it does have playability. However, 1.g4 basically surrenders short-castles (or you have to do a lot of repair work for the structure at least), doesnt fight for the center, pawns cannot move back (hence Na3 is actually not THAT terrible as you can just reroute the knight later, you "just" lose a tempo) and it takes you ages to long-castle or stabilize. No other move gives up that much in one go. Even the flank pawn moves 1.h4 or 1.a4 have more merrit as you want to play these moves in a lot of positions anyway at some point to either push to attack your opponents castled king or free up the rooks.

  21. Stockfish: Stupid humans don't understand h4

  22. Why isn't 1.NH3 called the Ammonia attack?

  23. The disrespect! Putting the English in the good moves category! Correct it asap.

  24. Most important aspect of any gambit is to appear vulnerable and lure the adversary to become over confident and commit mistakes after mistakes.

  25. Vahn tkraus is the closest English equivalent

  26. Former NM here.

    I think the ideas you have are pretty good for starting players, and definitely good theory for ANY player, but for F4, and B4, e3 and d3 I think there are better ways to utilize these moves. For instance after e3, you can sometimes transition into a Lasker bird variation, while at the same time transition into something depending on if black responds with 1. E5. For d3, why not play g3 after?? For one it sets up a developing piece while safeguarding the king as well, after black plays 2. E5 (assuming he played 1. D5) white can choose many different 3rd moves, I personally like 3. A3, followed by hopefully b4, and then developing the other bishop on b2.

    The polish opening, just a reminder to mention that because of such move, now black can not play Nc6 for the entire game, as if he does (say the second move after 1. B4-E5 2. Bb2) if Nc6? B5! Blacks knight is in a lot of trouble.

    Just some insight from a retired player

  27. After knight c3, no matter the reply, next move E4. The Van Geet, or Dunst. D4 on second move, into London systems.

  28. well, for any of the 20 moves. Black has 20 responses. Meaning there is a follow up video about all 400 of them soon.

  29. 1. e4
    2. d4
    3. kf3
    4. c4

    5. f4

    everything else is unorthodox or just bad including kc3, e3, d3. Honestly I'd rather play the grob or the polish than those tbh. at least the grob is fun to play.

  30. Meanwhile me: always playing Na3 to remove any potential prep and enjoy the game 😂

  31. The first non italian streamer – commentator that pronounce right fianchetto. Compliments!

  32. Why is 1.a3 a passing move but 1.h3 is a 'never do this' move?

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