DGT Chess Practice 06

Practice with DGT chessboard


  1. I remember the summer 1973 that song Me and mrs Jones played day and night it seems on the radio. I was 17.

  2. Nice vid – which dgt board/set are you using and which software?

  3. Your knights were sitting relaxing with nothing to do for most of the game. I’m actually getting a DGT E Board next week to do this very dame thing.

  4. I picked up the same DGT smart board a few months back at a really good price. I use it all the time. Especially for analysis with Chessbase and to play over middlegame positions from books. You can download different UCI engines to the Chessbase/Fritz interface so that Stockfish and Komodo aren't beating you mercilessly. My favorite engines to play against (though far from the strongest) so far has been the Mephisto MM V and the Rebel engines from Ed Schroder's web site. It allows me some pretty decent games against an opponent around 2000-2100 from time to time. I would highly suggest getting the DGT smart board over the DGT Centaur. I wasn't sure what to expect from the plastic pieces as seen in the video. But they are pretty well-weighted and very nice.

  5. Hello,
    What do you need for this setup?
    Dgt usb board
    Dgt pieces
    Connection usb to the pc
    A certain software on the pc?

    Do you need the dgt Raspberry pi ,3000?

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