Defending Then Attacking In Chess: More Practice Drills

Danny Rensch once again goes where most chess players fear to tread: Taking on the dreaded engine with a slight material advantage, knowing he’ll likely be embarrassed in the process.

Will Danny learn from his mistakes and ultimately give the computer what’s coming to it, or does the engine once again have the last laugh?

Try the new at and then try the Drill Trainer at


  1. Isn't the idea of the first puzzle to bring the Bishop to D2/F2 and the turning the draw into an attack?

  2. Is there a schedule for when he plays people? I wanna play a 1|0 with him. I'm TheAnalyst7 on

  3. Great vid Danny! Very instructional as always 🙂

  4. how do i get to these practice drills? i have an account but can't locate this feature. Is this brand new?

  5. Are you going to upload today's bullet brawl?

  6. your videos are great! They have helped me improve at chess. thank you…I hope this message reaches you. God bless you

  7. +Daniel Rensch Danny, did u dye ur hair??? Cheeky… But ngl looking good! XD

  8. daniel rensch is like a slightly worse version of john bartholomew

  9. Another great vid Danny! 🙂 Thanks for the instruction

  10. Do the stonewall clamp Danny! I gotta see the stonewall clamp

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