Defeating Magnus Carlsen but QUEEN BLUNDER! #shorts

The Magnus Effect! 🥵

Video: ChessBase India

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  1. Guys your magnus god is mortal, chill💀

  2. eat the bishop at e4 by the rook and then give a check from support of the other check

  3. Well if he blundered his queen, he was defeated by Carlsen…..You can say that he was close to winning but saying he was defeating is just wrong

  4. Bro the water bottle on magnus side looks like soap 💀

  5. guys you don't have to hate or meat ride anyone it's just a game lol

  6. Blunders are common in blitz games especially when you only have 15 seconds left.

  7. Só vim comentar que não entendi nada! Valeu galera 👍🏼

  8. damn he could have took the bishop , the time pressure was real

  9. What you mean defeating?? Am I watching different game??

  10. Have this guy who win chip in his ass? 🙂

  11. Stupid indian channel tengeneng ngeneng, dond'd dell me whad' to do

  12. Magnus is such a gracious winner; he always shakes his head, shrugs, knits his eyebrows and purses his lips as if to say, "You had me, I was playing like crap. I got lucky is all."

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